Monday, March 12, 2012

A Separation

Music starts only when the end credits start rolling in. You are almost overwhelmed by emotions by then, but they don't overpower you. They linger on...and you do not want to let go of them.

A separation...

There are plenty of reviews about the movie on the web, but I am yet to read any. I will do that soon though, maybe later in the night. But I am convinced that a movie which wins the "Best Foreign Movie' award at the Oscars would surely have glowing reviews.

The movie works on multiple levels, and almost all levels compete with each other to excel. But somehow its the grayness of the characters which stand out, all the characters, what they say what they do, how the story unfolds. No one is wrong, and no one is right; its just the way it is. There is no categorizing it in anyway, you can relate to it, empathize with it, and connect with it. The story is fair to everyone, its just perfectly balanced.

I don't know how some film-makers do this, but I am glad that such phenomenal people exist and make such exceptional cinema; world would just not be worth existing if such movies aren't made.

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