Thursday, February 24, 2011

I do not connect...


There was a time when I could connect with my loved ones online through emails, facebook, skype and so on. That was often the only means of communication and something that sufficed for too (it feels weird now that I think of it). It all changed rapidly, actually within days...

I still love the web, but cannot possibly make love through it (no pun intended). I can connect with people still, though not with the ones I love. Somehow at the end of the day, it might all just be fake, something which is there just because you believe it to be (this can, quite possibly, happen in the real life as well), and now while attempting to connect with people I am close to, it even becomes repulsive. I still write e-mails, still chat…but it seems I like I am going back in time when there were no online means of communication. I am much more free now, yet constrained by my own disconnect between the web and my personal life.

It’s makes perfect sense to connect with complete strangers through the blog etc; even if they say what they do not mean, you still come out of it unscathed. And there is no way of differentiating the real from the fake. Not that it even matters.

So I remain online and connected, though at the core am perhaps still disconnected. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iqbal again...

Ref: Wikimedia

Somehow these words never fail to inspire me, especially when life seems low and hopeless...

Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai,
Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai Parvaz hai kam tera kam tera,
Tere samne Aasman aur bhi hai...
Tu shaheen hai Basera kar Paharon ki chatano par.
Tu shaheen hai tu Shaheen hai, tu shaheen hai...

Ref: Junoon.

Shaheen: The roots are derived from Persian ancestry, a highly ancient name meaning "Falcon". Some would say Shaheen also means "God Of All Falcons" or just "God" at times, it really depends on the use.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

paranormal hallucinations

As I got up around midnight and looked at the wall opposite my bed, I saw a shadow intently staring into the room through the open window behind me. It didn't budge even as I opened my eyes and looked straight at it, and this was unusual. I closed my eyes, and as I opened them a moment later, the shadow was slowly moving away from the window.

I could feel its presence in the house, even before the little noise in the kitchen or the slow closing of the balcony door. In my mind I had already anticipated all of these, perhaps that's the reason they were happening in the first place. There was fear around, as if this was just the beginning. Or maybe I was just hallucinating from the effects of coffee.

I slept and woke up, over and over again. A sound here, a step here through the night, but nothing happened. Soon it was morning and I woke up with the sunlight filtering through the same window, sans any unusual shadow.
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