Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maine Pyaar Kiya

Saw one of the movies today afternoon that I used to love as a Kid and the name of the movie is 'Maine Pyaar Kiya'. And its quite weird but I loved it still. It was simply amazing! The mood of the film, the songs including Lata's beautiful voice, the house, the 'Friend' cap and most of all 'Bhagyashree'. She is so damn amazing in the movie. I remember I was quite in love with her then, and things haven't changed much even now. Her innocence is rather unreal but still captivates. Her smile in the movie in infectious. was just awesome to see her today again.

Sometimes I wonder how were things between Salman and her during the making of the film? How would they talk if they were to meet today? The movie seems to me like a dream! Everything was perfect. Hahaha...I am a little boy again!


I am in love with anything that isn't sweet!
Its odd but right now even the thought of tea with a little extra sugar is terrible. I would rather have sugar with no sugar at all!

Another interesting change is my desire to eat some chicken soon! Nice bone-less chicken. Or maybe some nice fish! This is very very odd as I am a vegetarian.

Anyway the point is that there is absolutely no point at all!
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