Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Goa: History, name and a little bit more

Even though it’s the smallest Indian state, Goa has always been a prominent part of the region, thanks to it being a major center of trade. Being an important port, it was the main point of entry for all kinds of people - traders, aggressors, artists as well as monks who were on a mission to spread the word of the Lord to the world.

goa history story

Through the history, Goa has had numerous names, including Gomanta, Govapuri, Gomantak, Nilkinda and Sindapura. It’s present name could be based on the Konkani word ‘Goyan’ is which means tall grass as per an answer on Quora.

The history of Goa that we commonly know of now is the Portuguese history which started in the early 16th Century. Interestingly the first Portuguese mint of the east was started in Goa. It was a prized procession for the Portuguese and Goa was actually granted the same civic status as Lisbon. Even after India’s independence in 1947, the Portuguese refused to leave Goa and entered formally into a war with the Indian Union to retain Goa. Of course India won the war, but the Indo-Portuguese relations plummeted though they are fine now.

Today Goa is the smallest, but a full fledged state of Indu and a hugely popular tourist destination. The capital of the state is the centrally located city of Panjim.

Reaching Goa

Goa is well connected with the rest of India through air, railways as well as roads.

However, if you live in Mumbai like me and love traveling to Goa for big and small breaks, there is something new coming up next month onwards which will add a bit more fun to your travels. I am talking about the Mumbai - Goa ferry service starting soon! Stay tuned on my travel blog to know more.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Goa in the monsoon!

Starting a new series on this blog and with this I hope to review it as well. The series is going to be a simple one - I will share one photo-story everyday!

The first story comes from a small yet significant state, Goa. I actually visit Goa more than once every year - sometimes for work, and on other occasions for leisure. This is a picture from early this year when the monsoon was in full force and everything looked like heaven.

goa in monsoon
Goa in monsoon

By the way, while you are in Goa, do explore it's beaches, churches and other heritage sites.

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