Sunday, February 17, 2008

Muzayun & Snails

She killed about a million snails in her two year 'snail killing spree' in NID...crushing them with a distinctive 'crunch' every time she saw one (or many) trying to cross the pigeon path (or, well, any other path), or in a 'dead-brother-eating' communion!

I thought it was odd to kill so many for no apparent reason, all these slimy little snails (big actually) did was cross roads, eat others (and sometimes even sauce) or have sex (they are apparently quite good with orgies). What harm can these poor crunchy (while dying) things do!

But today that mystery is resolved! Muzayun killed them because she couldn't eat them! YES...that’s the reason! It’s not really 'in' or even fashionable (though killing them certainly is) in NID, so all she could do was kill them and dream about eating them.

However, this January her long cherished wish to eat them (without the distinct crunch though) was fulfilled when she was in Helsinki for the Nokia conference. She devoured many soft snails with bare hands (well, they were dead and cooked, so it’s not that big a deal) and even had the audacity to compare the experience to eating some great chocolate that melts in your mouth! I was rather confused by this and by the time my brain figured that I should perhaps ask her only for a plausible explanation, she had moved on to her next favorite animal (edible, of course) - mollusk! I had had enough of this 'soft-slimy-animal' eating discussion and so moved on to another mint-chocolate candy. I finished the entire pack of chocolate during this, so don’t really regret the conversation, apart from enlightening revelation about her reason for killing snails for so long...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gods on sale!

We (amma and me) were cleaning our Baroda house for the past few days and it was interesting to see some gods packed and sent back home in Ghaziabad and a few others dumped at various places in the rooms, balcony etc.

Even Ramilaben (our maid earlier) refused to entertain the 'ignored' gods (she, however, was extremely keen on taking all other wood pieces, doors, utensils, some tables and old cloths). I found it all extremely funny as well as ironic. Of course I could've packed all the gods and sent them to Ghaziabad, however, they had clearly fallen out of favour with their 'bhaktas' and maybe taking them anywhere wouldn't have helped them much...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bollywood Ice maidens in Agra!

Yesterday was a day of revelation for me; was in Agra for a wedding and this is what I experienced...

a) Women in North India don't feel cold at all (poor men, I suspect that since women don't feel cold men have to take women's share as well).

b) Its not a myth that all our film actresses also don't feel cold (whether Madhuri in Alaska or Sridevi in Alps, a semi-transparent chiffon saree is basically sufficient for their meager needs).

c) Women look stunning in transparent/ semi-transparent/ opaque sarees even if you are covered in woolens and shivering/ freezing/ maybe even possibly blue with the cold!

d) Simply because these cold-resistant beauties have about a zillion goose-bumps, it should not be assumed that they can be feeling cold. THEY DON'T FEEL COLD! And there are no two ways about it!

e) And of course the pretty ladies aren't blessed with this boon throughout their lives! As they get old, they also need shawls, sweaters (often both and in plural). In fact, in a way its a jolly good natural phenomena!

Having said that, let me assure all that the experience was an exilirating one for me! Apart from the absolutely amazing 'moong dal ka halwa', the saree-clad (with or without the goose-bumps) women were the highlight of the evening and I can't imagine what a disaster it would be, if they were to wear seaters, shawls et el. Men of all age-group were found gaping at them!

Of course, the wedding was also superb. I completely enjoyed the 'varmala' session, complete with the extraordinary background score and a shining rotating stage (I promise I would post some pics of the stage soon). Parul (the bride) was startled when it moved for the first time (though recovered a little later with the help of steel railing). Vikasbhai (the groom), however, looked confident despite the moving stage and the constant threat of the stage caving in due to excessive load on it (due the relatives and everyone who joined them later for blessings, and certainly not the bride-groom combo)! I had never ever seen anything like that before and was very happy to have made it to the wedding!

May the boy-girl met in college/ fell in love/ got married now also live happily ever after! All my best wishes with them!
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