Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gods on sale!

We (amma and me) were cleaning our Baroda house for the past few days and it was interesting to see some gods packed and sent back home in Ghaziabad and a few others dumped at various places in the rooms, balcony etc.

Even Ramilaben (our maid earlier) refused to entertain the 'ignored' gods (she, however, was extremely keen on taking all other wood pieces, doors, utensils, some tables and old cloths). I found it all extremely funny as well as ironic. Of course I could've packed all the gods and sent them to Ghaziabad, however, they had clearly fallen out of favour with their 'bhaktas' and maybe taking them anywhere wouldn't have helped them much...


  1. r u from baroda? guess what...i was born in baroda and my grandmother still lives there at nizampura! :)

  2. Not from Baroda, but spent a few growing up years there...


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