Sunday, August 22, 2010

The End

He got up and pulled on the sneakers, it was time to start his daily nocturnal ritual. Today also the surroundings were no different, everyone was asleep, except a teenage kid who was still busy reading 'Murder on the Oriental Express'; it was unlikely he would sleep before the dawn breaks.

Neil started walking, rocking with every step. This is what he liked the most, this child-like fun while he walked and everyone else slept. He was careful not to touch anything around, leaving no marks or traces of his presence. But he soaked it all in. Everyone breathing, and sleeping, and alive.

He walked along, stopping once in a while to look around, but never long enough to be noticeable. There was enough thrill in what he was about to do and there was little sense in spoiling it for a face half revealed, an eye only half shut or an arm hanging out as if calling out to him. But he did risk it everyday, knowing when the sleeping senses would be perceptive enough to notice this presence, and he always moved ahead before that.

Today was a special day for him because there were many nines in the date, just one less than last year. And he liked this number still. A lot.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WnM - movies

W and M are talking on the phone. M, as usual, is going for a movie and getting late. W, as usual, isn't impressed with what M does to entertain himself.

W: What are you doing?
M: I am going for a movie?
W: What? Movie? Again? Didn't you see one last week also? I just don't believe this!!!
M: Huh!
W: I hate this!
M: Huh!
W: And I hate you!
M: Huh!
W: What movie is this?
M: Its a Hindi movie.
W: AND I am sure it has a name!!!
M: Its called...err... 'Teri Jawani, Meri Mohabbat'.
W: WHAT? Why are you doing this to yourself? Please M...I can't live like this. I need someone who sees no movies, certainly not Hindi movies!!!
M: Huh!
W: I need a break-up!
M: Huh!
M: Honey its already movie time, and did I tell you that it has my favorite actress Jamuna playing the lead.
After a pause.
M: And we can have a break-up the next time we meet. This will also give you enough time to purchase me a nice break-up present.

W starts sobbing, and then the dam breaks and she starts crying, followed by some serious howling. Suddenly M remembers that he must have made a blunder somewhere in the conversation and tries to rewind it all back in his mind. He finds nothing wrong in his replies. But his past experience tells him that its time for sorry and missing the first half of the movie.

Reluctantly he walks away from his friends who all give him sympathetic glances and nods. M misses Jamuna on big screen. AGAIN.

Moral of the story: Never reveal the name of the one who fires your dreams and imaginations to your girl friend. And if possible DO NOT watch any Hindi movies either.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Much Love Will Kill You!

Came across this recently...meaningful in many ways for so many of us...

I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this alone
For much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
I've been looking back to find
Where I went wrong
Too much love will kill you
If you can't make up your mind
Torn between the lover
And the love you leave behind
You're headed for disaster
'cos you never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time
I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
I used to bring you sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring you down
How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
Can't you see that it's impossible to choose
No there's no making sense of it
Every way I go I'm bound to lose
Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time
Too much love will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won't understand why
You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you
In the end...
In the end.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The new LSD - Saree, Nashta aur Cockroach

Well these are some of the projects my friends in office are working on, and somehow this sounds good together. The LSD connection suggested by Vikram, though there is little connection as such!

Wish I could write more on this, but that would be impossible. So this is it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Its so weird, every day I read news online and there is always some natural disaster (maybe at times assisted by humans) causing unimaginable deaths across the globe.

A few examples here.

Moscow Smog

Pakistan Floods

Leh Flash Floods

China Landslide new

I wonder if it was always the case, and we see it more now due to better coverage and more reporting.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's your status?

Arguing with your Boss is like wrestling with a pig in mud. After a while you realize that while you are getting dirty, the pig is actually enjoying it.
numa numa...
its all a dream...
“Happiness is a byproduct of an effort to make someone else happy” - Gretta Brooker Palmer
On mobile by
not at the desk .. leave a msg..
we're not ducks on a pond, but ships at sea..
I am off finally :)
Type 57sc
Most Relationships fail not because of the absence of love....Love is always present.... Its just that, One loves too much, and The other loves too many.....
Change doesn't happen when circumtances improve... Changes happens when you decide to improve the circumtances....
Awesome Mausam!!
I got video camera+DVD Burner....hahahha now i m thinking of film direction...
Never fear shadows, they simply mean there is some light nearby!
invention is better than cure..
"I don't mind going to work every day. But the 8 hour wait to go home again is a real bitch !" -
2mrow is holiday ....yes.....

is sooooooooo sleepy at work :(
The tongue is a funny thing to have - it makes you overeat and then makes you say you never will!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Valley Burns

It's not working at all. I am not sure how serious the government is (State, Centre) on resolving this ever escalating state of violence and lawlessness, but then how can anyone be anything but serious about this. Omar Abdullah seems sincere enough, but is he capable enough to handle one of the worst phase of violence the valley has seen for the past many years.

Indian news dailies are covering the news, and so are the valley-only newspapers. You can read about what one of the valley-only daily Greater Kashmir writes. What's surprising is the absence of any talk on Kashmir in the baggies outside India - BBC and CNN. Usually one sees a lot of reporting about India in BBC at least.

There is little we can do sitting so far off, but pray that sanity prevails and this vicious and mindless cycle of violence ends.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pressure Post - hairless Aparna, Arpit's hairy legs and Upma

I am under tremendous pressure to write an interesting and entertaining post. Plus I need to write a brain dead post to ward off the accusation of writing intellectual posts on my blog. I was accused today morning of writing a boring blog with no latest gupshup.

So let me just start off with how Aparna maintains herself so hairless and smooth. Its an age old and time-tested ancestral recipe, and I am about to reveal it here. Basically what you need to do is mix some special type of haldi (kastoori haldi, i think) with chandan (or some other two similar sounding ingredients) and use it on yourself. A few months of patience will pay off by removing all possible unwanted hair on your body; special care, however, has to be taken to not apply it on your eyebrows (rather obvious). But how exactly it is to be used remains a mystery. I only saw the mixture being prepared, but I suspect that you might have to add water/ oil/ wine before doing whatever you are supposed to with it.

I have a scoop on Arpit as well, but I shall not reveal it on a public platform. But here is quick update on his body hair. He has hairy legs (very hairy indeed) and smooth makkhan-like arms. His facial hair is unusual and makes him look a bit like a mongrel Chinese stuck in India. The hair on the head is shabby at best.

Aparna also makes awesome Upma (her first Upma attempt today with ma's recipe) while Arpit's tea is a perfect balance of Milk, Sugar and Assam Tea. I thoroughly enjoyed them both (the tea and the Upma).

As promised some images from my phone today. Absolutely unrelated to the post, but I had this irresistible urge to post them somewhere!

Office in the night

View from office

View from office

View from office

View from office

Office lift with Sachin's reflection

Headless Saibaba

Outside office

Outside office

Outside office

Sachin enjoying his chai

Vinishree, Kavya and Kavan

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