Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Its so weird, every day I read news online and there is always some natural disaster (maybe at times assisted by humans) causing unimaginable deaths across the globe.

A few examples here.

Moscow Smog

Pakistan Floods

Leh Flash Floods

China Landslide new

I wonder if it was always the case, and we see it more now due to better coverage and more reporting.


  1. i guess it was always there, but the coverage has certainly increased these days, e.g. through BLOGGING!

  2. Hi Siddharth,

    Saw your comment on my food blog just today, I have become very lazy nowadays...so hardly visit it...but gr8 to know that your omlette turned to be good! :-)

  3. Yeah I think there's a lot more coverage of natural disasters now that we have the means to report the news.

    There was a land slide in China and now they're looking for survivors.

  4. nature must b having one of those moods.

  5. Why don't u go n assist with the debris?:-|


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