Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Valley Burns

It's not working at all. I am not sure how serious the government is (State, Centre) on resolving this ever escalating state of violence and lawlessness, but then how can anyone be anything but serious about this. Omar Abdullah seems sincere enough, but is he capable enough to handle one of the worst phase of violence the valley has seen for the past many years.

Indian news dailies are covering the news, and so are the valley-only newspapers. You can read about what one of the valley-only daily Greater Kashmir writes. What's surprising is the absence of any talk on Kashmir in the baggies outside India - BBC and CNN. Usually one sees a lot of reporting about India in BBC at least.

There is little we can do sitting so far off, but pray that sanity prevails and this vicious and mindless cycle of violence ends.


  1. All we can do is "HOPE"... don't know for how long we would be preaching peace mantra.....

  2. i see no one either preaching or practicing the peace mantra, neither the state govt, the law enforcers (police, CRPF), the separatists and certainly not the terrorists.

    and from a distance we can only hope, its impossible to understand the psyche of the people stuck in the cross-fire. we can, at best, speculate and give suggestions and most often none of these would even be workable.

  3. by peace mantra I meant "No War".... and definitely our suggestions are nothing less than crap... and it's always easier said than done... we too have seen certain situations during 2002 Gujarat riots and understand how bad it feels....

  4. I understand how you feel. Sadly you're right about how the situation isn't reported enough. Many Americans still think Kashmir is a type of sweater. T_T

  5. and it so weird that while our neighbour (enemy or friend or half brother) is struggling so badly with floods, not even a single indian daily has an article on that.

    news in india also quite prejudiced, they report on things which they assume are important. media decides...

    an article from bbc here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10878458


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