Thursday, August 12, 2010

The new LSD - Saree, Nashta aur Cockroach

Well these are some of the projects my friends in office are working on, and somehow this sounds good together. The LSD connection suggested by Vikram, though there is little connection as such!

Wish I could write more on this, but that would be impossible. So this is it!


  1. what was this, even I couldn't connect...

  2. man only someone from lumium would understand this :)

    anyway i found this combination of projects that ajit was researching on that particular morning, and found it amazingly funny! can't explain it, but its unlikely many would find anything humorous in this. i did laugh out loud then!

  3. how interesting your story is, would depend on whether the cockroach was found in a saree or in nashta. :P

  4. hahaha...nowhere actually :D

    the research junta here is still looking for it :)

  5. nashta must be over by now.... so do u need help finding the cockroach?

  6. what is Nashta?
    :( i dont get it actually.

  7. nashta = breakfast

    i hope u got the pun now :)


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