Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chinese Duo - the making

Its amazing that some people never understood the hard work put into the debut of the fantastic music video (The Chinese Duo for World Peace) launched on this blog last week.

Here are a few behind the scene videos of this sensational International phenomena, hope this will clear the air on some usual misconceptions.

Truly an exceptional piece of art. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday at Mothera

This post has moved to my travel blog The Wanderer here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chinese Duo

This is the grand debut of two extremely talented but reclusive performers, who let their music and gestures speak more, unlike many others. They have come out for the first time with world peace as the central theme of this composition.

They are known well in the underground music scene as the 'Chinese Duo', and with this debut they are set to capture the popular imagination as well. This composition is set to debut on the No. 1 spot with its worldwide release next week.

The music is primarily Chinese and has come with years of hard work on both the music as well as the intricate and delicate gestures, which amply the soothing effect of this melody.

Further updates to follow on their success and more daring compositions. And who knows, one day I may even manage a personal interview with the reclusive pair.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Convocation series - Kiran, Pavan, Mousumi & Mahesh

Another post in the series.


Where do I start with Kiran? We were always cordial to each other, but never really great friends especially in the first semester. He was also quite busy with some interesting women at that point of time. I guess his hospitalization during DCC bought a lot of us together, especially Sanjeev, Divya and me. There is a lot about him that I don’t know, and can’t think of asking as well (some rumors, some facts and some outright lies). Anyway, by the time we finished our final semester on campus, he had become one of my best friends, if not the closest. He gives a lot to a relationship and that puts him par with a lot of people. I can easily depend on him and ask him for favors (something I hate to do otherwise).


The first time I saw him, all I wished for was that he shouldn’t be my room-mate! And bingo, I find him in my room a few days later. Mahesh and me were already there and had taken the side beds. However, things changed dramatically over the next few months and we became much closer, quite literally and publicly as well! Hahaha! I remember getting phone calls about heavy weight championships in my common room between Mahesh and Pavan and that kept a lot of fun in our listless lives! Pavan is one tough looking guy, with a very soft heart. He is one person who would really go out of his way to help you out!


She is the first girl on campus I tried hitting on, and this was during the Studio tests. I got no bhaav and went back to Bangalore dejected. But we immediately became friends after college started, even took walks in the back-field back then and had long talks. Got to know a lot about Auroville and its night life from her during this phase. I was also a witness to the blossoming young romance between Mosh and Lov in the months to follow, again in the back-fields. We used to pull her leg a lot over her habit of collecting things and keeping them in her room, which she shared with Snehal and Muz. Guwahati and North-East Yatra (partially with her) was one of the most satisfying trips for me. I made her life difficult by insisting on eating vegetarian food at her place! However, it was the daaru we (mosh, muz and me) had in my room after 4th semester jury that I would remember the most (Bhavana actually caught us drunk also). We still remember and laugh about it. But with Mosh there is lots which is gray, things we don’t know.


Well well well! I always found it impossible to handle Mahesh! We always argued and argued over the smallest of the things, over almost everything. I think it was sometimes just for the sake for arguments, rather unfortunate I would say. I remember the argument we had in the last semester about India’s history when we argued for hours without food or water (missed tea, dinner and so on), it was so comical that Pavan also recorded it on his camera (or was it his phone?). Anyway, Mahesh is one person who is obsessed, about work, about love, about friends and this is the most amazing quality about him, something that I don’t see amongst anyone of us. He loves what he does and it shows. Maybe sometimes he takes just too much strain, but I admire him for that. He is an Aquarian like me, and I always felt a bond between us. Always ready to help, his innocence also makes him rather gullible.

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Convocation series - Vijay, Snehal & Vivek

I had written the next series of posts a long time back (way back before convocation happened, sometime around October 2008), but somehow never ever published. I can't even remember why. Anyway its due and am posting these old posts now.

p.s. I am not editing anything at all here.


If there is one person from our class that I actually thought I should become friends with, then its Vijay. The fact that I knew close to nothing about him, bugged me a lot. He was almost like a Phantom. Whatever little I knew was from Snehal, who was his junior from Architecture College. And for two years he remained almost like that, a great person to talk to and unburden yourself but very little of the ‘conventional’ friendship developed between us. We hardly worked on any project together while we were in NID (something which did upset Pavan also) and I guess that was unfortunate. However, I always look forward to meeting this super guy! I have tremendous belief that he would do something extraordinary in life and it would be smart to be close to him, so that when limelight comes his way, I can also bask in it!


Snehal was a perfect classmate. I remember she actually gave me a gift for my birthday – a chocolate smelling candle which I initially thought was a cake, and was quite surprised when it wasn’t (unfortunately I didn’t give her anything on her birthday and she discontinued this rather nice tradition). Apart from that I was always welcome in her room (when they were in A hostel) and it was rather necessary also as we did so many projects together. She along with her daughter (Muzayun, of course) always kept a close eye on any of my physical contacts with the opposite sex (even an innocent hug would not be spared) and would then pull my leg over it for months! I always wanted to visit her home in “Nashik’ as I somehow think that the food there would be really amazing, but could never manage it during NID days. I know that she disapproved of a lot of things, but ignored most of them most of the time. Oh and yes, she always frowned upon my flirting with her daughter!


He would be by far the smartest in our class if only he would lose those extra kilos. He was in the class but always away from it as well. His outlook to friendship was extremely cosmopolitan and he had friends everywhere. He was one of the few from our class who was equally great friends with the GDPD junta from our batch as well. I saw little of him, especially in the trips we planned as a class. I guess rather than being indifferent, he was more detached to our idea of ‘dosti’! But he was always helpful in all possible ways. I remember actually asking to be a part of the only project we did together in NID – Space Ergonomics, though it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I guess I know little about him, but enough to like him a lot.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sassy Girl

Kiran is home and he has been insisting for a long long time that I should watch a movie called ‘My Sassy Girl’. Right in the beginning he also informed me that it’s a love story. Being me, that in itself was a humungous put-off and I kept delaying the day I would have to start it. However, Kiran being Kiran, soon I was left no choice and was forced to start seeing the movie a few days back while I was trying to chat with friends online late in the night. His sentimental gibberish worked and I decided to ditch my dear old friends, who were dying to talk to me, and started watching this super-hit Korean movie, also known ‘Titanic of the East’.

Every day I would see only about 15 minutes of the movie, and then fall asleep or go online or generally talk on my phone. With my delays Kiran’s emotional blackmails also increased and it finally became a matter of Kiran versus any other thing that I might want to take up after office.

Finally, today is the day I saw the movie completely and earned some brownie points from Kiran. He already finds me cold and selfish and I was extremely keen on getting into his good books. I think that’s one major factor why I finished it today, the other reason being that I can spend my evenings doing other things as well. It was tough in the beginning to relate to college romance, especially for me, but the emotional quotient of the movie was high and I was drawn into watching the complete movie without much efforts.

Bhavin has so far dodged it successfully; he saw ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’ instead (which was also given by Kiran), which made Kiran give a little bit of respite to Bhavin. But I am hopeful now that the second cold and selfish being in the house will also be forced to see the movie and become nice and worthy of loving. Bhavin has zero escape routes available now, unless he decides to watch some other Marathi movie downloaded by Kiran and win some more time. Kiran is a big promoter of Marathi movies and so watching Marathi movie over a Korean love story isn’t exactly a sin and may be very much acceptable!

Some more on Bhavin's blog here.
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