Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday at Mothera

This post has moved to my travel blog The Wanderer here.


  1. except poorva and nirzara, everyone else's intro seems to be 'edited'... saale ek line hi to likhna tha.. likh deta kuchh achchaasaa.
    And a list of songs we sung in bus will be entertaining. Kiran can help. One of the kiran's Ghatotkach style pic will also help.

  2. yes bhavin images would be waiting for kiran to post a comment with a link to the images.

    and yes i want some songs ka list too, including the marathi songs that u guys sang!

  3. seems u again had gud fun visiting Modhera...!!

  4. Here is the link.

    And here is the introduction of our last group member :

    Difficult to understand this guy. But people like to have friendship with him (may be they think they will be able to understand him)

  5. thanks for the pics kiran...but bhavin won't be able to see these. do add another link of pics that can be seen by all. this would be there at the bottom of the page 'share with everyone'...

    and kiran do add some songs also...especially the cheesy ones that u suggested. i remember one - 'aanan, phaanan'


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