Thursday, March 18, 2010

Convocation series - Kiran, Pavan, Mousumi & Mahesh

Another post in the series.


Where do I start with Kiran? We were always cordial to each other, but never really great friends especially in the first semester. He was also quite busy with some interesting women at that point of time. I guess his hospitalization during DCC bought a lot of us together, especially Sanjeev, Divya and me. There is a lot about him that I don’t know, and can’t think of asking as well (some rumors, some facts and some outright lies). Anyway, by the time we finished our final semester on campus, he had become one of my best friends, if not the closest. He gives a lot to a relationship and that puts him par with a lot of people. I can easily depend on him and ask him for favors (something I hate to do otherwise).


The first time I saw him, all I wished for was that he shouldn’t be my room-mate! And bingo, I find him in my room a few days later. Mahesh and me were already there and had taken the side beds. However, things changed dramatically over the next few months and we became much closer, quite literally and publicly as well! Hahaha! I remember getting phone calls about heavy weight championships in my common room between Mahesh and Pavan and that kept a lot of fun in our listless lives! Pavan is one tough looking guy, with a very soft heart. He is one person who would really go out of his way to help you out!


She is the first girl on campus I tried hitting on, and this was during the Studio tests. I got no bhaav and went back to Bangalore dejected. But we immediately became friends after college started, even took walks in the back-field back then and had long talks. Got to know a lot about Auroville and its night life from her during this phase. I was also a witness to the blossoming young romance between Mosh and Lov in the months to follow, again in the back-fields. We used to pull her leg a lot over her habit of collecting things and keeping them in her room, which she shared with Snehal and Muz. Guwahati and North-East Yatra (partially with her) was one of the most satisfying trips for me. I made her life difficult by insisting on eating vegetarian food at her place! However, it was the daaru we (mosh, muz and me) had in my room after 4th semester jury that I would remember the most (Bhavana actually caught us drunk also). We still remember and laugh about it. But with Mosh there is lots which is gray, things we don’t know.


Well well well! I always found it impossible to handle Mahesh! We always argued and argued over the smallest of the things, over almost everything. I think it was sometimes just for the sake for arguments, rather unfortunate I would say. I remember the argument we had in the last semester about India’s history when we argued for hours without food or water (missed tea, dinner and so on), it was so comical that Pavan also recorded it on his camera (or was it his phone?). Anyway, Mahesh is one person who is obsessed, about work, about love, about friends and this is the most amazing quality about him, something that I don’t see amongst anyone of us. He loves what he does and it shows. Maybe sometimes he takes just too much strain, but I admire him for that. He is an Aquarian like me, and I always felt a bond between us. Always ready to help, his innocence also makes him rather gullible.

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  1. Why you felt of posting this Today then?

    But it is always nice to read about everyone and everything from your eyes and your perspective.

    I hope one day will come when i will also write about you but not less than 3-4 pages :) in my perspective....

  2. i just saw these old posts today and decided to post them, no specific reason for posting it today.

    this was written during october 2008, and i quite enjoyed reading it today and so decided to share it.

    glad u liked it too :)

  3. hahaha... I too have really photographic memories about the history argument with Mahesh. It was so lengthy that all the viewers changed and even pavan got bore of recording all of it..
    I liked what u have written about Vijay :)
    And I should check what you have written about me now!

  4. I always enjoy reading whatever Siddhartha writes. He has written well about everyone. I want to see the historic video of the historic argument ( between historic people...:-P) about history...:) I too have always been very curious to know more about Baba....

  5. i think i should ask pavan for the historic video and post it here as well, but it shows us both in poor light and so might not do that also :)

    and thanks a lot divya, and bhavin i have written quite a few very nice things about you on my previous post :)


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