Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Convocation series - Abhishek, Divya & Bhavin

Here is the next group of people. Quite an unusual mix but its intentional.

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek was my first friend in the class and I really don’t remember why or how. I guess it was Ramya, our common friend in the beginning of first semester. We three had some good time together, before the eventual fall-out. However, surprisingly this never affected my dosti with him. It was never a very deep or philosophical but more of a ‘fun’ dosti. Somehow, we had quite a few common friends over the next two years, some girls as well. Now that I look back at those years, I think there were plenty of reasons for us to fight, but it never happened (my roomies in first year were not so lucky though). He always had more friends outside the class than inside and became popular and sometimes even unpopular because of his antics with the females in NID. Abhi is in some ways only a kid, eternally seeking his soul-mate and his life-mate. He is the ‘Ranbir’ from ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’…but sometimes dangerously close to ‘Shahrukh’ from ‘Anjaam’ also. I am quite likely to be murdered for this one!


The most extraordinary thing about Divya in the beginning was the fact that she was my Junior in Navarachna, Baroda (1996-98), though none of us were aware of that then. I first became friends with Sanjeev and through him with Divya as well. We had some good masti together, though my friendship with Divya was largely (and sadly) limited to these aspects only. I guess we knew much more about each other’s lives than we acknowledged, and this was certainly not good. But in a way the ups and downs in our life made our friendship solid. I remember a shoot we did for Bhavana in a temple for an ad. We had good fun during that. I have some pics and videos from that and I may put it up if possible. Somehow with Divya my friendship has always been dark and more about sorrows than smiles. I hope that changes in future.


It took a long time for me to become friends with Bhavin. I remember the walk we took (Mousumi, Muzayun, Bhavin & me) over the bridge very late in the night very early on in NID and that is when I discovered about his lightly concealed imagination and talents. He could really talk dirty, I mean really really dirty and that made the four of us a true foursome. We had tremendous fun and laughed like crazy. I think one of the things that shaped our friendships in the class was the people with whom we did our projects, with Bhavin I hardly ever worked. I started knowing him better towards the end of NID and particularly in Bangalore. Now he is my housemate and it’s only now that I appreciate him as a friend and companion fully. And we are similar in a lot of ways, sadly because of that our house hardly gets cleaned!

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  1. hahahah.... muze bhi abhishek yaad aaya tha when I watched Bachna e Hasino initial part... I have one more song (more appropriate one) for him which i may dedicate him at the time of convo.. He is most of the time quite innocent form of love actually...
    aur saale... sabse sidhaa saada ladka hoon mai... paani ki tarah.. jo rang daloge waisahi dikhoonga na.. may be what u saw was just ur reflection!!! dirty one.. (wah bhavin wahhh) heheh just kiddin..
    aur haan apna room kaafi clean hai aajkal. aur jis tarah se tum likh rahe ho... i think tum kaafi thik ho gaye ho... speed up mann..
    Mai akela kitne solve karoonga shakuntaladevi ki puzzles!!!

  2. i have to remember to give you & divya, a copy of the ad we shot in the temple. maybe, this'll be my convo gift! ;)

    and if you put any pics or videos with me in them, my lawyers are going to see that you spend the rest of your life on pluto...and it's not even in the solar system anymore!

    (however, u can put up the ad!)

  3. yes bhavana i shall be putting up a video featuring you very soon...and you would love it like crazy! thats my solemn promise to u :)

  4. I had for sometime pasted a comment saying," is everybody good, does'nt anybody have bad traits, then why are all testimonials saying the right stuff".I like your post for you did'nt tried to show how chaddi buddy everybody is. and showed friendships grow with time.

  5. saale kuchh to achcha likhta mere baarein mein!!!!


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