Friday, October 17, 2008

Convocation series - The Venue!

Convocation is around the I am planning the next few posts about the time spent in NID, maybe a kind of series of pictures and some videos. Some funny, some emotional and some outrageous...

The first in the series is a video which features two very good friends turned foes. This was shot in the beautiful early morning January sunlight in 2006 and the occasion was our Republic Day! You can see the most famous tree in NID (though I am not sure how long would it survive) and the lush Green lawn (incidentally this is exactly where the convocation would also take place!). The content of the video would be rather senseless to someone who didn't know these two pretty (and mind you, now married) women, for the rest they are just being themselves.

The video also features Sanjeev (PD), Anuradha (SDM) and Tarundeep!



  1. It is better to decide a difference between foes than friends, for one of our friends will certainly become a foe and one of our foe a friend.

    If i want enemies,i excel others; if i want friends, i let others excel.
    I am working on the later.
    And a true believer...

    Rest is for others to perceive...

    Great video...nostalgia at its peek

    Love Always

  2. great work. one of the blogs i might follow in next few days to pass through those wistful desires to return in reminiscences :)

  3. fuck such stoner conversation!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  4. i dont belive that these two actually discussing and love the expression of Anuradha and sajeev...WTH fuck is this conversation...Nice though brings back the memories of the drama queens....


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