Thursday, October 23, 2008

Convocation series - Famous dostis!

Well our class had many dostanas which all of us will remember for a long time to come…some of these started and ended with NID, other are still there. But they were all unique in many ways. Here is an attempt to cover a few of those; it would be great if anyone can remind me of one that I may have missed. I shall update it immediately. The order is random.

Kiran - Muzayun

They became famous as Hanthi-Cheenti! Well apparently the names are based purely based on size. Poor Kiran despite doing everything and more for his Cheenti, is always on the receiving end. But their friendship is one of the most fun-filled, especially for people around them!

Mousumi - Muzayun

They already had many things in common when they came to NID, so becoming friends was easy and natural. And they also looked good together. But there was something about them that still remains elusive, was it jealousy, mistrust or something else. I am quite likely to be murdered for this.

Sanjeev - Siddhartha

We became friends easily, because I realized that he could make folders really nicely, even for me! He was perhaps the only one in the class with whom I could share things from outside the class as well.

Devesh - Snehal

I guess Snehal was one person who could really understand Dhutappi well. While we all cribbed about his unavailability, these two could bond well. It was also a friendship which developed with slowly and strongly.

Sanjeev - Snehal

These two also became friends pretty fast. It was always interesting to overhear them have arguments over architecture. Both had actually promised to design my house way back in Semester one, though their views hardly match (except, of course, about Hafeez Contractor).

Muzayun - Siddhartha

We didn’t become friends immediately but I was very easily drawn to her laughing sessions. But once we became friends, there was no looking back. We spent most of our time in NID fighting over everything and worked on almost all the projects together, rubbing some people the wrong way in this process.

Kiran - Shweta

To me they always appeared to be fighting over the pettiest of things and I could never understand why! They were very close but hardly ever showed. Doing ‘Systems’ together was a phenomenal task; but we had the best of fun during those days.

Divya - Sanjeev

As friends they were perfect for each other. Both used to get up early in the morning, eat breakfast even before it was made in the mess and go to the studio to work. Their work was extremely symbiotic, both complimented each other well.

Bhavin - Mousumi

They have been superb friends for as long as I can remember. I was never a part of it, so I also know little. I have seen them fighting also, but I guess was affection strong enough to bring them back together always.

Devesh - Divya

The first so called ‘couple’ of the class. So much so that they were actually married and behaved like one, it was all done in a very funny way and added to our entertainment in the class! This almost disappeared with Sanjeev coming in later.

Muzayun - Snehal

These roomies actually behaved like ma-beti, with Muzayun as ma and snehal as her beti ( though father remains largely unknown, the fact that beti's surname is 'Joshi' must mean something)! But they always made a nice twosome. Fighting and cribbing but superb friends nevertheless.

Pavan - Vivek

Well the one of the most famous 'dosti' in the whole of NID is reserved for the end. They became friends quite early on. And they looked good together as friends, their stature matched. Also it was nice to seem them together hanging out with their girl friends. Of late there appears to be some storm brewing up, but they continue to remain friends.

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  1. great efforts sid!!!!
    very nice...
    but I suggest the best similar topic worth your 'tallent' will be writing about the 'family tree of PD'!!!
    all ur blogs in this series are worth documenting for us...
    keep it up...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. and then there were many up and downs in the relationships through out these 2 and 1/2 years of NID, and we all saw them. ( they, as well, will be great to document in our minds)
    Its wonderful to know we as humans can connect and disconnect with each other.. thats the significance of human relationships and that is so unique...
    In the span of this life, we experience so many associations and bonds, each unique in its own way.
    surely, they will remain..

  4. its true! for me writing all this is important because its making me go through so much past, sometimes looking for a picture for a pair made me go through so many more pictures and so many memories. some good, some not so great...

    and i like the idea of PD tree. it would be so complicated...i think i'll ask my systems wala group to work together on this :)

  5. and you remember the never ending movies which you planned to direct some day.. you rmember the storylines :) you remember snehal's and shweta's reactions to them..
    you remember how you were casting each one of us... it was superb fun.. i remember there were two stories. not sure who were the leads, in one it was snehal and i guess in another it was divya.. can you recall?
    ah! the reminiscences

  6. yes of course i remember the movies that we used to pla...goodness gracious! yes one had snehal and one had divya as lead.

    i think we had all the class masala and affairs in the most distorted and obscene way portrayed in the those planned super D drage avant garde movies. and how snehal hated us telling her the story in kmc...hehehe...

  7. i guess u need to add some more people who are also a part of this pgdpd pg 2005 batch...
    guess their bonding is not worth comment but still...
    since it appears like a pd batch blog.. its not bout putting few people...
    it wud b highly appericiable if others are also included...

    but history says something else...

    rest is upto you..criticism invited to this comment..if people feel like saying few harsh ready for it..

  8. oh am sorry buddy (abhi) for the left-out biddies. i knew i was missing on a few...will try and correct that. and there is nothing 'not worth commenting' da...everyone in our class was extremely special...

  9. yeah i knw dat...sid..but i think one shud nt get an opportunity to write such things .publically....n since this thing has happnd..d concept of favouritism appears quite clearly...n i hav no probs with that... but certain things over the period of time are questionalble....
    sorry for the harsh words..but whts the point whn the correction or inclusion is done after someone being rude n harsh bout this whole concept...???

  10. of course! everyone knew PD walked around in pairs!

  11. sweet sid, very sweet. Awesome pics too.U look good with that long hair, in the pic of u and sanjeev. I am now really wondering why i didnt consider hitting on you. Or did I? Not sure, dont remember either.

  12. @ bindu: u sure am looking good in that pic! and u know what is the tragedy of my life - all interesting women in my life realize a little too late that they should have hit on me :(

  13. its too late for me to subtly hit on you since i have directly told you. But i will still consider it

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  15. Seeing this really late. But i admire the courage with which you have put up all this. Quite a few touchy things there :)

  16. yes a few touchy things...but i guess all of us were in a very forgiving state back then, convocation was such an exciting time that i was forgiven for all the writings :)


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