Monday, October 27, 2008

Convocation series - Muzayun laughing!

I guess we all know how good Muzayun is with bringing the house down with her notorious laughter! Well, this video isn't exactly the best but somehow captures the essesnse of madam's famous laugh...hahahahahahaha...


  1. what the hell i am doing?? i didnt even know this was recorded. but i think i can connect to this. the feel of the big nose nostrils vibrating...

  2. hmm not the 'real' laughter though... still quite entertaining for those who dnt know..
    and guess what? I have a 10 minute video of her 'ma' (snehal) laughing the same way!!!! relations are made in heaven!!!

  3. sure! but muz u doing what u do best...
    and ya i guess the ma-beti thing was superb...

  4. people.. u r mistaking... she was my ma.. and i was beti iqra..

  5. yes yes...u were beti and she was ur ma! all accepted :)


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