Thursday, March 18, 2010

Convocation series - Vijay, Snehal & Vivek

I had written the next series of posts a long time back (way back before convocation happened, sometime around October 2008), but somehow never ever published. I can't even remember why. Anyway its due and am posting these old posts now.

p.s. I am not editing anything at all here.


If there is one person from our class that I actually thought I should become friends with, then its Vijay. The fact that I knew close to nothing about him, bugged me a lot. He was almost like a Phantom. Whatever little I knew was from Snehal, who was his junior from Architecture College. And for two years he remained almost like that, a great person to talk to and unburden yourself but very little of the ‘conventional’ friendship developed between us. We hardly worked on any project together while we were in NID (something which did upset Pavan also) and I guess that was unfortunate. However, I always look forward to meeting this super guy! I have tremendous belief that he would do something extraordinary in life and it would be smart to be close to him, so that when limelight comes his way, I can also bask in it!


Snehal was a perfect classmate. I remember she actually gave me a gift for my birthday – a chocolate smelling candle which I initially thought was a cake, and was quite surprised when it wasn’t (unfortunately I didn’t give her anything on her birthday and she discontinued this rather nice tradition). Apart from that I was always welcome in her room (when they were in A hostel) and it was rather necessary also as we did so many projects together. She along with her daughter (Muzayun, of course) always kept a close eye on any of my physical contacts with the opposite sex (even an innocent hug would not be spared) and would then pull my leg over it for months! I always wanted to visit her home in “Nashik’ as I somehow think that the food there would be really amazing, but could never manage it during NID days. I know that she disapproved of a lot of things, but ignored most of them most of the time. Oh and yes, she always frowned upon my flirting with her daughter!


He would be by far the smartest in our class if only he would lose those extra kilos. He was in the class but always away from it as well. His outlook to friendship was extremely cosmopolitan and he had friends everywhere. He was one of the few from our class who was equally great friends with the GDPD junta from our batch as well. I saw little of him, especially in the trips we planned as a class. I guess rather than being indifferent, he was more detached to our idea of ‘dosti’! But he was always helpful in all possible ways. I remember actually asking to be a part of the only project we did together in NID – Space Ergonomics, though it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I guess I know little about him, but enough to like him a lot.

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