Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chinese Duo - the making

Its amazing that some people never understood the hard work put into the debut of the fantastic music video (The Chinese Duo for World Peace) launched on this blog last week.

Here are a few behind the scene videos of this sensational International phenomena, hope this will clear the air on some usual misconceptions.

Truly an exceptional piece of art. Enjoy!


  1. wowww divya... this is called dedication!!! feels nice to see that u just haven't changed afer 1year of marriage! (this info was for her unknown readers/admirers! hahaha)
    nice original music by vikram .. and i guess sid u must send a copy to the owner of this music instrument technology provider, kranthi too! hahahah
    I miss being part of these sessions...

  2. thanks Bhavin. Your words of praise have given the 'Chinese duo' more encouragement and now they will try some various themes for world peace and also global warming. I would also like to thank Siddhartha for his excellent videography and composition. This piece of art was incomplete without you....thank you :)

  3. A little known fact about the Chinese Duo is that in 2009, the Chinese conservation authorities used the healing power of their music to inspire their hitherto reluctant pandas to mate vigorously- hence not only has the Chinese Duo promoted world peace, they have helped in pulling back a species from the brink of extinction.

    exceptional indeed... i would not call it office-safe though :))) I got several odd looks from colleagues as the pure strains of the music wafted out from my laptop...

  4. Sahi I remembered the movie " My Sassy Girl" he he he :)

    music + whole clip
    PLEASE!! :-DDD


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