Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sassy Girl

Kiran is home and he has been insisting for a long long time that I should watch a movie called ‘My Sassy Girl’. Right in the beginning he also informed me that it’s a love story. Being me, that in itself was a humungous put-off and I kept delaying the day I would have to start it. However, Kiran being Kiran, soon I was left no choice and was forced to start seeing the movie a few days back while I was trying to chat with friends online late in the night. His sentimental gibberish worked and I decided to ditch my dear old friends, who were dying to talk to me, and started watching this super-hit Korean movie, also known ‘Titanic of the East’.

Every day I would see only about 15 minutes of the movie, and then fall asleep or go online or generally talk on my phone. With my delays Kiran’s emotional blackmails also increased and it finally became a matter of Kiran versus any other thing that I might want to take up after office.

Finally, today is the day I saw the movie completely and earned some brownie points from Kiran. He already finds me cold and selfish and I was extremely keen on getting into his good books. I think that’s one major factor why I finished it today, the other reason being that I can spend my evenings doing other things as well. It was tough in the beginning to relate to college romance, especially for me, but the emotional quotient of the movie was high and I was drawn into watching the complete movie without much efforts.

Bhavin has so far dodged it successfully; he saw ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’ instead (which was also given by Kiran), which made Kiran give a little bit of respite to Bhavin. But I am hopeful now that the second cold and selfish being in the house will also be forced to see the movie and become nice and worthy of loving. Bhavin has zero escape routes available now, unless he decides to watch some other Marathi movie downloaded by Kiran and win some more time. Kiran is a big promoter of Marathi movies and so watching Marathi movie over a Korean love story isn’t exactly a sin and may be very much acceptable!

Some more on Bhavin's blog here.


  1. hahahahaha...
    You have become a good boy sid, u watched 'August rush' for pogo, which I could never finish! Now u watched 'my sassy girl' for Kiran. Ohh and u also watched 'Natrang' for me! hahahahaha
    I promise I will watch 'in the mood of love' for u. :)I am sure it will be worth. But after reading your post I am still worried about 'My sassy girl'!

  2. hahaha...don't worry buddy, u already saw 'perfume' for me :)

    but your comment just made me realise that i am actually a very nice guy, who lives for the joys of his friends :)

  3. Hmm........
    So finally you completed the movie.
    Yes it’s been month I am forcing him to watch the movie, but he always debarred and gave me excuses. Great, I am happy now as I am succeeded, also happy that you liked it. And now Bhavin its your turn to watch the movie. And I am very sure you will watch it and will also watch “Shikshanachya Aayicha gho”
    SID also i would like to read how do you liked the movie !!
    Also its been month now I am staying with these two selfish guys (As you said SID) and came to know a lot of things (Sid specially about you) and tolerating most of them and ignoring few of them (like good example is their talk about the girls). There are few other things which Sid has not mentioned here (but I hope he will mention after sometime)that I am forcing on them,is my wish to make them eat “Zunka (A Maharshtrian Dish) cooked by me. I don’t know when that day will come. Another thing is Tea.. my special Tea… which is the best according to me, Bhavin also agreed to it, But for Sid its just milk having flavor of tea…. So Sad !!

    Whatever it is but I am enjoying my short but long stay with these Basterds…
    OK let me add few more points to what Bhavin said about SID as a good boy
    - He doesn’t allow me to eat any food which is non- healthy. Sometimes he fights with me for that (who cares ….do I listen to him or not but still……)
    - Sid woke me up early in the morning for jogging and we enjoy our morning jogging and exercise session (Shayad Sid ke bina main jogging fir se suru nahi karata)
    - We do a lot of healthy discussions and debates about all the topics …including
    - And lastly he makes Green Tea for me with less sugar or without suger 

  4. wow kiran :) u actually managed to write a comment which is as big as the post itself :)

    i agree that living with me is an effort, and u have managed it rather well dear. soon i am also planning to give you a movie to watch and lets see if u survive that!

    and i think bhavin is losing out on a lot of food that kiran cooks only for me, because of his delay in watching the sassy girlie movie. and yes am waiting for jhumka to happen soon.

  5. few queries from kiran's comment
    1. when did sid say he liked the movie?
    2. which tea I liked kiran? Are you talking about the lengthy recipe u followed just when I was leaving for office and then I had to add milk to it to cool it down and still couldn't have it as I was getting late for office? All I remember is, it was too hot to drink!
    3. When do u cook for sid?
    4. U said u came to know lot of things about sid, lets cross-check.

    And SID, I totally appreciate ur idea of waiting for JHUMKA, but I guess Kiran is offering only Zunka (the actually edible thing)
    ;) or :(

  6. Hahaha....Wow nice posts..i mean comments. I am enjoying reading....Hey Kiran, you really need to lose weight ( Sid, hope I am doing my job well ;). I also want jumkas and junkas. I want Jukas with a M and Jukas with an N...hehehe....well just wanted my comment to also look like a post :D

  7. ok
    @ Bhavin :
    1) Sid said just after watching the movie !! completed and then he said Not bad I liked it .....
    2) I know both of you have very bad memory... So have to give you reminder ..Remember your first tea after i came in the evening .... both of us took the sips with high pleasure ....
    3) Bhavin I am sorry but as you go very early to office so i never cooked for you ... most of the time I cook breakfast for both of us ... but i will make sure someday i will cook for you too ... don't worry ...
    4) ya those things which i guess Sid don't know that i came to know ... its thro' observation only ( U know i am doing lot of research projects .. so you can understand it ) he he he he he

    Yes Sid Its Junka not Jumka(Jumka toh tum gift karte rahate ho)

    @ Divya :
    Sure Mrs. Dave i will send the Junka for you too i have your tiffin with me. Will send across ...

    I am trying my best to loose the wt. Divya... (Ohe I forget to mention your name as good girl !!! )

    Well for comment to become post you have to write little more dear...

  8. hehe... Jumkha or Junka confusion is really funny.. ;)
    Wonder there wud be edible Jumkas available.... but you never know!

  9. @Dang: edible Jhumkas... hmmmm lets not get into details... they exist... kyun sid?
    refer some south Indian documentaries about them.

  10. oh my god...........the discussion is endless ya. It sound more like gharelu nok-jhok..:). Great going guys. Today Kiran teach me also how to make jhunka....wa8in for SID's post on Jhunka.

  11. i agree with bhavin on the edible variety of jhumkas :)

    and shweta i shall try to write about jhunka sometime, but it was such an understated dinner that night. and sadly i wasn't even there when all the cooking happened, and we don't even have a picture of that. maybe kiran can give the recipe to other readers...

    and some more update on the sassy movie...bhavin saw it last saturday (incidentally, jhunka was being prepared then) and now we would like to hear his take on the movie too :)

  12. ohh yes, I also watched the sassy girly movie! All that I want to say about the experience is, Jhunka was really nice, though I wish it were little spicy and wish the movie was little shorter... around 1 hour less in length! I liked the 'time capsule' in the movie... though u dnt need to watch full movie for that!

  13. so that basically proves that the movie is really really good and a must watch.

  14. first of all, i'm seriously worried about the amount and length of comments that i'll get back from this, Jumkhas and Junkas and all included (I have no clue on what are they even lookin like).

    but I personally disagree with the last comment (the film was quite dull and I ended up being very annoyed by the girl. scripts were quite predictable, also)...

    so according to me the movie was far from being great. I've known tons of girls as prettier and more interesting than the sassy one :-)

    but also, after all 1 good thing was that, with his perseverance, kiran has succeeded in convincing me also, from the other side of the world, to download and then watch the movie!

    isn't this a good effect of the movie itself?

    hehehe :-D

  15. @ Shweta : I hope you cooked the Jhunka and liked very much (if you made it properly). I would like to know your comments about how do you liked it.
    @ Sid : waiting for your post about our Jhunka party now.

    @ Bhavin: Thanks Bhavin for watching movie and atlest liking some part of it and for liking the taste of Jhunka also... It was purposefully made less spicy so that Sid can enjoy too.. But I though you are already SOOO SPICY ( I hope you will understand what I mean to say here)which will balance the taste.

    @Sara: First of all, I am glad to hear that you did lot of effort to watch the movie(i.e download and taking time for watching movie) but the same time little SAD after reading your comments....But its fine everyone has their views and liking -disliking.. ok but now lets change the topic and here is my question not only for you but for all of them who watched the movie
    (I guess I asked this question to Sid n Bhavin!!)

    1) Which was the touching moment [if there is any ha ha ha :(] in the movie?

    some answers ,
    Sid : they never touch each other that is the touching moment.(they are about to kiss but never do)

    Bhavin : time capsule

    Me: When he tells 10 principles to her date about how to keep her Happy !! and she runs to catch him...

    All in all, Movie is not very different, but the way some scenes shown which arouses the emotions (atlest for me) make me like the movie very much.

  16. I have unsubscribed from comments to this post. Wish good things in world also get equal attention (if only people could understand what is 'good'!)
    khuda haafiz
    (p.s. SARA: thanks for the only honest feedback on movie here! We didn't want to disappoint Kiran though!)

  17. there was so little mentioned in the post, but the posts are all about the movie :) this is interesting...

    bhavin i can understand ur feelings, and kiran don't worry i have recommended the movie to many other friends, like pogo and divya.

  18. well, yes Kiran I hope you know that your flatmate- Mr. Siddhartha joshi loves recommending movies these days ( guess your effect rubbed onto him....) and he did recomment LSD to me ( guess need to write another post for that )....and now he is recommending Sassy girl which some how sounds like sexy girl to me after watching the movie I have dropped the idea of watching this too......thanks a lot Sid.... :P

  19. Arre Divya !! don't drop the idea of watching movie just for namesake ..or don't even compare LSD with this... I know sassy sounds like sexy but its not the same.... Atlest watch,thinking that I am recommending this to you, which is true too...

  20. trust me, sex and dhokha is a different league altogether. the sassy movie comes nowhere close to it.

    anyway kiran give it to me on a pen-drive and i shall try and force divya and her better half to see the movie.

  21. Divya !! Now U HAVE TO WATCH IT !! Its an order not even request :)

  22. so the secret plan was to spread the movie!! :-) and it's happening!!
    Dyvia, now you really should watch it! :-D
    best thing i liked in the movie was the peach tree under which they buried the time capsule :-D
    Oh, and I also liked all the different variations on the Pachelbel's canon! a lottt!
    Kiran, I didn't want to disappoint you or be rude, but I couldn't help.
    I have difficult tastes for movies, though, I have to admit.
    ciao to everybody!

  23. Sara,there is nothing like disappointing ..We are just having fun here. basically I liked that movie and I thought Sid should watch it (thinking only Sid in the mind actually)... So i recommended this to him, thats it !! but this all things happened due to Sid write the blog adding some MASALA!!

    Ya, but I would like to know your taste of movies now, or the other way you can punish me by recommending movie that you liked...

  24. hehehehe sorry im reading only now.
    I generally like very dreamy movies, or something really close to reality. I'm interested in human mind, basically.
    Movies i would suggest are Tim Burton's ones, big fish and edward scissorhands above all.
    then I should also add J-P Jeunet's "Faboulous world of Amelie Poulan". I'm sure you'll find this inspiring. also Delicatessen is nice.
    I really enjoyed "Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind", a complicat plot but two good actors and a really nice soundtrack.
    Chocolat is a nice foodie film.
    And, if you want to go for something both famous and Italian, life is beautiful is a nice story (main actor is also very funny)
    so, you could start with these 7 if you are really convinced :-)

  25. a very interesting mix indeed sara :) am sure kiran would certainly find something that he likes amongst these.

    btw i have recommended another movie to kiran, again a korean movie - a millionaire's first love. am not sure if you should download it in italy :)

  26. @Sid : See Sid you started watching my type of movies. But unfortunately I don't have that movie with me, and not watched yet.

    @Sara: hmm, after looking at your list,it seems that you really wanna punish me. :D
    Anyways, I have added all your 7 movies in my download list. So I will try to watch those when I will get the time. Infact I have already seen couple of them like 'Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind'&' Life is Beautiful'which I liked too.

  27. :-D heheeh i didnt mean to punish you!! but im sure you'll get a nice provision of movies for dull days andd sleepless nights :-)
    sid: i'm seeing if it's there!!!
    ciao to both of you!

  28. @kiran: i would like to have ur take on korean vs american movies now. has it changed? got any more korean movies to suggest?

    @sara: i want to know ur feedback on this new italian movie - Noi credevamo!

  29. Sid what make you open this conversation again? whatever but I am still going with my sassy girl. there are two reason 1) the american made this movie in English version but i didn't like it 2) even i am in america most of the time I am surrounded by Korian and Chinese people :D


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