Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chinese Duo

This is the grand debut of two extremely talented but reclusive performers, who let their music and gestures speak more, unlike many others. They have come out for the first time with world peace as the central theme of this composition.

They are known well in the underground music scene as the 'Chinese Duo', and with this debut they are set to capture the popular imagination as well. This composition is set to debut on the No. 1 spot with its worldwide release next week.

The music is primarily Chinese and has come with years of hard work on both the music as well as the intricate and delicate gestures, which amply the soothing effect of this melody.

Further updates to follow on their success and more daring compositions. And who knows, one day I may even manage a personal interview with the reclusive pair.


  1. good start for the budding reclusive pair.... Take some inputs from Kartik... they would be handy...!!

  2. hi very interesting article thank you

  3. wowww...
    I feel like I have been appreciating intricacy of the on screen performance and/oe performer for years!
    I am already a fan of this 'chinese mono'
    :) would like to see the live performance soon.

  4. yes our performer has talent in abundance...we shall arrange for a live performance soon :)

    i also plan to upload a making-of video soon...


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