Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iqbal again...

Ref: Wikimedia

Somehow these words never fail to inspire me, especially when life seems low and hopeless...

Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai,
Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai Parvaz hai kam tera kam tera,
Tere samne Aasman aur bhi hai...
Tu shaheen hai Basera kar Paharon ki chatano par.
Tu shaheen hai tu Shaheen hai, tu shaheen hai...

Ref: Junoon.

Shaheen: The roots are derived from Persian ancestry, a highly ancient name meaning "Falcon". Some would say Shaheen also means "God Of All Falcons" or just "God" at times, it really depends on the use.  


  1. Hey really nice lines!!!!

  2. eden bird very beautiful!
    Greetings from Barcelona

  3. @Angie: Absolutely, some of my favourite ones..

    @Beatriz: Thanks a lot!

    @Skizo: Absolutely!


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