Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cheese Cake at Mocha!

I was waiting yesterday in Mocha for some friends and Cheese cake (Orange Cheese cake to be precise, I wasn't given a choice)....

Wrote this wonderful piece of poetry there...

Waiting for the cheese cake now,
After the waiting for others failed.
Failed to materalise, failed to realise!
Am waiting on cold solid steel, white on the surface, dark to the core,
Unlike the failure...dark on the outside, soft on the core!

So how would this cheese cake be?
Sweet? Sure...tasty? hopefully.
Like a woman...very soft and desirable!
Unlike the 'very soft' Octopus,
And the 'very desirable' Steel.
It would hopefully be like a woman...both...

No coffee, no whisky!
But there was rum last night,
And also some floating around before it all wore off!
Sadly not much though...and not for long...
A desirable hangover...

Well, my cheese cake came (though the friends never did) before I could finish this poem. It was, at best, extremely disappointing! Looked extremely soft and absolutely desirable...pretty much like a woman, though not really!

Maybe a wonderfully cooked and beautifully garnished 'Octopus' can also look soft and whats the difference? Women and Octopus...tentacles...but even women have them! I wonder...


  1. i cant believe you sid on this one..

  2. well, women can be like that, right? soft and desirable outside and steel inside.. disappointing? ;)
    u have to eat the cheesecake to know what it's like..
    haha dont u wish u cud try all the flavours before placing ur order? ;)

  3. well not at all disapponting..though the cake was!

    women, i think, are just amazing! i have been surprised so many times by them...

    and i am willing to eat all the 'cheese cakes'...well, lets just say, most are already on other tables and being relished rather eagerly ;)

  4. why am a per my knowledge even u were supposed to come that day to mocha!

  5. Ahem!
    cheese Cake at Mocha SUCKS!!!
    try out Vertigo there somtimes..........its soft and tender like women are....and to it treat for your tastebuds as well :)

  6. well actually it doesn't really 'suck'...ahem ahem...

    but i agree vertigo is damn sexy...

    now i really wonder what a woman is like...a good cheese cake or a bad one :)

    hahahaha...u can either have a soft and tender one or one like a bad cheese cake at mocha (one that ' ')...

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