Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sona Mona

The lights were about to go out...and then they did and the play got over.

We came out and decided to go for dinner at some weird place called 'Gaylord' (wonder why the girls with me were so interested in this weird sounding lord). Anyway that is when I saw my return train ticket...and hola hola I had missed my train while watching the extremely 'worthwhile' play!!! I was quite ok with that, but Tripti decided the moment was just right to start hyperventilating and she did that with the skills of a born professional (albeit a new-born one). And to give us company in the car there was Sumedha and Sona Mona (Sona Mona is basically just one person but her dual personality demands the use of dual names).

Sona Mona is Varun's sister and they both hail from the Nawabi city of Lucknow. I have very fond memories of Lucknow, especially Umrao Theatre! Anyway coming back to the point (?), we were discussing Sona Mona and her passions in life. Well...maybe I am not the right person to discuss them deeply as she didn't open up to me much (no pun intended)! It was only when we reached close to her place, she could ask me if I worked somewhere (basically she just wanted to confirm her suspicions that I am an unemployed 'young' man ready to pounce on her) and that I looked like a Designer (I think she also wanted to say that I talk like a designer because I used Bra panties and Dragons making out in my paintings...anyway; also a rather polite way of saying that something was terribly wrong with me & my hair). But I think the bra added the much needed zing to the otherwise boring conversations about...well I don't really remember what! And the dragon was just to emphasize that Dragons also need bras...oops...sorry...that Dragons also make out once in a while (when they are not busy smoking up).

Her hurried exit from our car and quick hug to Sumedha was rather symbolic to me. I waited for the moment when she would look back and give me one of those looks...the ones that could kill...but it never happened. I almost strained my neck from the window but Lord Krishna stopped my misadventure mid-way as it was Janamashtmi and roads were full of pious people shouting and screaming over matkis hanging over their heads.

The evening ended rather amicably at the airport where I caught the last flight to Ahmedabad. The dosas and idlis before that provided the much needed food for our rather empty stomachs.

I will miss not talking much with Sona Mona.


  1. you should ahve pounced on her...and what would have happenend then....that would have been much more esciting tale to tell

  2. haaha...maybe I should have! Anyway sadly the moment is gone and so is Sona-Mona!


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