Monday, November 9, 2009

Political entertainment...

Its rather amazing how our elected politicians sometimes behave, but I guess its hardly surprising as even they are also humans, after all. Like everyone else they are also emotional, and are eligible for an emotional outburst or two.

With the above as background, its hardly surprising what happened in the Maharashtra assembly today. Emotional legislators on the two sides and some high-pitched drama - a perfect recipe for a Bollywood potboiler (however, its too real to be actually made into a movie). The issue seemed simple enough (and Mr. Azmi's act democratic enough); perhaps no one would've even noticed it (or maybe I am wrong here), if not for our very charged first time emotional MLAs from MNS. But language could be tricky issue to handle or even understand.

Or am I being presumptuous by assuming that it was pure emotion on display, perhaps it was a pre-planned move with a very clear objective. Its hardly unlikely, considering that its all within the highly murky political samunder. It generated a lot of noise and possibly even some entertainment, and would perhaps ensure some more votes and maybe more than 13 MNS representatives in the next state elections too. And tons of publicity...

So where do we go from here? I wonder how low do we fall (both us and the politicans) before we decide that now its nadir for us all and decide to do something about it.

But I am still inclined to give the benefit of doubt to all parties involved, possibly everyone is innocent and correct in their own places. But a feeling of disgust persists...


  1. do agree that politicians do have emotions but most of 'em are possessed for dirty politics and the "KHURSHI"

  2. The MNS has a point. Now, the ways in which they choose to drive this point, makes me feel like they are just not serious. It is more to grab attention than anything else.
    Moreover, I do not understand how does suppressing other languages and cultures, helps in preserving and honouring your own?!


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