Friday, October 1, 2010

Be Stupid (sex sells)!

Be stupid has been DIESEL's promotional theme/ identity for the past few years. Here are a few images I took from my phone from their promotional kit and some other promotional material, some of it are also a part of the very exclusive Diesel parties in India.

Some of the more interesting and kinky things are not exactly from or for India, but much of it is. 

So why be stupid?

You'll have more SEX. (this one is very critical)
You'll meet more strangers.
You'll have one hell of a story.
You'll make better Friends.
You'll create more.
You'll discover talents you never knew you had.
You'll get that much more to Genius.
You'll spend more nights away from home.
You'll never wish you were someplace else.
You'll be equal parts feared and admired.
And yes, you could die. Just not of boredom.

You can see the entire campaign here.

See the official Be Stupid philosophy in this video here...


  1. where did you get on your hands on these? what parties have you been going to?

  2. well...sadly i didn't attend any of these parties!

    i do not have these, but managed to have a look at the merchandise at my office a few days back. I then had an irresistible urge to share it with the world :)

  3. Loved the campaign.
    I am not usually that vulnerable to ads, but this almost roped me in for sometime!

    Thanx for the share.

  4. Thanks to both of you, even I loved the campaign :)

    do have a look at their website as well if u interested to know more...

  5. Found this quite funny. I've tried to live my life being smart and I've been able to have alot of fun, but being stupid definately has something to be said for it.

  6. I agree being Stupid (perhaps smartly) is not that easy, but is bound to lead bountiful gains :)

  7. Lol! :P .. where did you find 'em?!!

  8. @Viya: Actually found them in my office, I think we were pitching for some project and they had shared all sort of kinky stuff with us to explore :)


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