Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its me again!

Another post about my very dear niece, Mihika, and of course me.

When I reached home this time, I was asked to stand back and wait at the door for a while. Mihika had given strict instructions that my entry into the house had to be barred at all costs and everyone in the house basically just complied with her wishes.

However, within minutes I had this in my hands. A stunning card for me and showing me in full glory. She added a bit of facial hair (which she hates) to make me look more like her mamu, than the didi in the neighborhood! The card has two sides and both are shown below, with descriptions as well.


So its me with a wall paper full of golden stars and flooring made of green hearts. I have a paper in my hand which shows my office work. There are two laser projectors on both sides, balloons for celebration and the universal sign of danger on my tee-shirt!

This is my house with a mini-window which helps me look at the world (I wonder if she is being symbolic here). My house even has a chimney as she knows that I cook too!


  1. haha :D cute, I also like how she has given the headline "MAMU" above your mountainous hair!

  2. very very cute! I guess she has an eye for minute observation....I even like the colour of your trousers...She has taken care of your designer status in almost all the things she has drawn right from the wallpaper, floor tile to the danger symbol on your t-shirt. :D

  3. i will convey the compliments to mihika for sure :)

    btw did u notice the mustache? this was the thing she hated doing the most and did it only in the end.

    i also feel that my styling is very 70s :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, these drawings are adorable. ^_^

  5. :) yoh Mihika !! I also hate your Mamus Avtar of long hair !! Sid she is so observant man !! you should learn from her !!

  6. @renkiss: thanks :)

    @kiran: i know how much u hate my hair, simply because u have short ones!!! in fact now even she is used to them...doesn't complain anymore :)


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