Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Convocation series - Form II

There is little to be said, its obviously mad like me and most of the people in the video!

Divya, Sanjeev and me were in one team to make a complex ugly form and we managed to do just that. In fact our initial test piece had more grace than the final one!

Rani (now married, so Mrs. Rani) can also be seen trying to turn a football into a sleek beauty. I don't remember her final form (not her form), but I think she did use a lot more thermocol than any one of us for her magnificent football.

Also seen are Kiran (with his funny mustache) and Devesh (currently found in Milan). Sadly I don't have everyone in this video...


  1. cant believe we did a form course like that :(

  2. i would like rani to see this video...really feel like to pull her leg on this one :)


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