Monday, December 22, 2008

Ahmedabad Darshan (Sunday Excursions) - Hathisinh Temple, Ahmedabad

I was quite amazed to find a treasure trove so close to NID yesterday later afternoon. After a day when our Bai ditched us and made all our sightseeing programs go haywire, we went there as our last resort!

The Bai did come when we were just leaving for dinner and basically made our day :)


  1. ok...
    When I read title, I thought u have written all the anatomical discussions about the sculptures of humans and animals also!!! ;)
    I will suggest all interested ones not to miss the unphotographed strangely interesting details of carvings/sculptures there.
    1. similar looking but some straight and some tilted head yaksha-yakshinis on sides of one door.
    2. expressions and variety of poses(MUDRA) of yakshinis on pillars around the main temple.
    3. types of animals and their poses too..
    4. number of times the same Parshwanathji murthy is seen in the numbered small temples ( i think there are total 52 temples)
    5. The small Ganeshji look-alike(?) idol near right hand of Parshwanaathji (considering it's a Jain temple)
    Rest better be discovered there...

  2. Yes Bhavin I completely agree with your additions :)

    One more unusual thing...there was a 'shiva ling' as well as a part of the temple, unusual because its a Jain Temple.

    Maybe we can add a few describe some of the provocative mudras of the 'apsara look-alikes'!

  3. siddharth, i've not read this post fully, 'cause i was looking for words before like hathsinh and architecture, but i found none and so did not bothered. anyway.. but interesting part is that how technology, internet and blog makes a writing bug out of you.
    this is because both bhavin and siddharth are room mates in same apartment yet conversing on blog comments. i'm sure thats for readers. but an interesting thing for all of us who are in this domain.

  4. yes nistha...u r so right about this! we house-mates (and not room-mates) talking on blogs :)

    talking with each other but talking for damn interesting!

  5. The net is too *slow* in office (Don't ask me why I am blogging while at work ;)!)..the pics look great! Near NID?! And have you guys DECIDED to explore every sunday?

  6. yes aparna we have kind of decided on that, and isn't that wonderful!

    our weekends become really happening that way :)


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