Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vagaries of an Idle mind!

Some of the past few attempts of writing a blog-post have failed miserably, perhaps I was way too ambitious and blah blah blah...

Anyway this is dedicated to two of my very faithful comrades in office - Shweta and Krity! Both are phenomenal women, and they work like mad - mad with a CAPITAL M! And make me feel guilty all the time as I am sitting at home doing nothing and they are working so hard in office. Its rather unfair and am savoring the sweet taste of this unfairness with a tinge of bitterness...something like spoiled grape juice or some awesome wine or maybe

Something else very interesting is happening just outside my home, something which can potentially bring Nainital closer home. But I shall reserve that for the next post.

An interesting image in the paper today is Mallika Sarabhai doing Garba on the streets. How far will this take her in getting votes is debatable, but I like the picture nevertheless. Which brings me to the upcoming General Elections where I am not going to vote. In fact I have never voted. Its a shame and I hope there aren't many like me around. Sounds hollow...yeah I know! Crap! Bleep Bleep!

Lights, Camera, Action!

1 comment:

  1. hmmm... I have heard a lot bout these women... I can imagine them because to me, even u r limit of being workoholic!
    And ya, Nainital is just 2 floors away from our flat now... heheheh
    infact, I clicked some 9-10 pics yesternight!!!


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