Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can I?

It actually hurts to read any further. I know why am getting so involved with the book now, and that is scary...

I want it to end differently, for it to be a little less painful. But I only see it getting darker ahead...

Can I stop reading it now? Will that stop things, that are already set in motion?


  1. The genre might be different, but this post reminds me of what I thought while reading The Anastasia Syndrome- a thriller-suspense, that was killing! The words force you to form an imagery of the unfolding of events!

    I know I sound like a wuss but I could not read beyond the 10th page :P and I didn't want to know what happened next either.I shut the book and kept it back (deep in my cupboard)..even thinking about it gives me the chills!

  2. stop reading it....
    atleast for a month...

  3. @aparna, bhavin: i cant stop reading it feels like my own life story :)

  4. hahahaha...sure bhavin :)
    better than discussing it on the blog :)

  5. ..your blog has grown and mine has died (almost)!

    btw, i'm reading pamuk's my name is red. recommend highly. (is a murder mystery set in the 1590's and a beautiful account of islamic art). and is snow that sad?

    i can hardly like books that don't connect, but then it's scary when you read yourself into the story. all the bloody emotional atyachar, i tell you!

  6. 'my name is red' was the first pamuk that i read, snow was next.

    both the books are awesome, snow being the scarier of the two :)

  7. no dont worry :)

    it cant mean the same thing for both of go ahead and just enjoy it :)


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