Sunday, July 19, 2009


Not something one desires, not something one aches for,
Its an infection that you get, and live with it forever...

Like a deep pond, so deep you could almost drown,
But somehow you don't.
Dense like a forest, but you don't get lost.
You are almost saved, but only almost...

It drenches you, but doesn't always soak you wet.
And its the dryness that torments you.
But you keep coming back for more, keep asking for more.
Isn't that senseless? But sense is the first thing you lose...


  1. Is this you? or this is snow?

  2. this is the best post i have read on this blog sid!!!

    somehow... I am feeling depressed at this moment!!! may be that makes this post feel even closer!!!

  3. it's too tough to move away from this page... or even phase....

  4. i think i know how u feeling...sometimes some words can really pull you down...

  5. ohh is it? and what are those words? please tell me...

  6. sid, i m impressed, u hav sum hidden talent!!

  7. I read it again!!! :)
    and this time, i felt I like it because it reminds me of the O Henry type stories which I enjoyed in childhood for their last two smart lines!!!

  8. @ dang: thank you for appreciating my 'hidden' talents :)

    @ bhavin: maybe u r right, i never looked at it that way. and its certainly no where close to henrysaab :)

  9. gud one sid... seems like u were almost lost, almost found and almost saved.. just that almost...


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