Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghar ka ghee

Making ghee at home is an experience. Despite non-encouragement from various quarters like amma, Bhavin (surprise and subtle) and even Muzayun, I decided to embark on this journey. I was keen to be thrifty and frugal in these times of economical downturn and thought it would be a good start - 'make your own ghee, not buy it!'.

Enough malai was collected from many days of collection process, and the time was ripe on Makar Sankranti to try this. I made the first mistake by trying to read my book while making ghee, the mixture boiled over and much of it came out. The disaster in the kitchen was thankfully limited more to the stove and the area around, but my quick cleaning attempts also didn't help matters much. Finally I resigned myself to enjoy the fire which burst out around the vessel due to the overflowing ghee!

After 50 more pages in the book and some occasional stirring, and two phone calls to amma, I was finally ready with my first ghee. I was hoping that the unadulterated ghee would smell heavenly, unfortunately it smelt of 'nothing'. But, of course, this was completely unacceptable and I finally convinced myself that there was a subtle aroma, not discernible unless you have highly advanced olfactory senses.

I am yet to use it, but I am already convinced its the best ghee ever. Waiting for some innocent visitors now so that I can experiment on them.


  1. thanks glad u enjoyed it :)

  2. hahaha....nice attempt Siddhartha....I wonder sometimes whether I should also write about some of my cooking ventures....but i doubt they 'll be so interesting..... ;)


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