Saturday, February 20, 2010

ऋषि का ज्ञान...

This is Rushikesh.

Rushikesh likes to talk about an alternate way of doing things/ achieving ends. He was different and weird, even back in School.

I had a good and long coffee-meal-walking session with him yesterday, discussing past lives and their significance amongst many other similar topics. Hinduism lays quite a lot of importance on past life and after life, and so much of spirituality and meditation is actually done to purge all the negativity from our experiences in these different lives. Not just Rushi, even Shilpi (who is also heavily into meditation), had mentioned this to me some time back. Its difficult to put across these things clearly, especially when I also understand so little about them. Its intriguing and has always attracted me, but I have been way too logical about it all. Maybe I need to just let go of what I understand and what I know, and let things just come to me. I know I am extremely open to try this out as well, see no harm at all in this. After all we live only once, so we should do all that we can!

This is the piece of paper on which we were discussing this and many other things. Maybe only the two of us can understand this, or perhaps only he can. Being an engineer he couldn't help but explain his past lives as this: current life = p, past life 1 = p-1, past life 2 = p-2 and so on.

If Rushi ever reads this, he might find my discourse here extremely shallow and perhaps even fatally wrong. But maybe that is the intent, to get corrections on my limited understanding.


  1. sounds interesting, but what is this post exactly about?
    somehow I would like to discuss this topic if I could understand it (or even otherwise I guess!)

  2. What is it about? I wish I knew, but I guess its about something that I do not know for sure. But something I can perhaps still believe in...

  3. Hmmm.....I can relate to this post a little....even I have tried meditation on spiritual lines and it really works. But It's tough to be consistently follow it....I think all this cannot be explained but just experienced......


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