Monday, February 22, 2010

Khamasa finally!

So finally Khamasa happened. I never had any reason to visit this famous non-vegetarian food अड्डा and so never went there. Even yesterday I had no reason, but since both Bhavin and Kiran asked me to come, I decided to accompany them. Many of my friends in NID loved the place and mentioned if often, but it was rather different from what I expected, but in a nice way.

We took an auto and went there, and the narrow lanes filled with people made for a highly interesting start. The road is lined with many mosques and we could hear the call for prayers from many. I also quickly bowed my head and made all the requisite wishes, after all one never knows which God might listen to you on your lucky day.

Bhavin and Kiran ate their dinner at Farooq Fry Centre (ऊंचे लोग, ऊंची पसंद; चिक्केन तंदूरी न. १). Both enjoyed eating their food while I silently observed. Its weird to be a vegetarian and be surrounded by non-veggies all the time. Bhavin claims that he has turned into a vegetarian since we started sharing the flat! Kiran and Muzayun, however, are still staunch non-veggies and unlikely to change (not that Bhavin will also ever change). But somehow I also know that eating animals is a fulfillment of a primal desire, so like many others that we cannot resist. Maybe someday even I might start eating these poor animals, but it looks highly unlikely as of now.

The food was red in color (almost blood red) and greasy. Both my friends, noticed, and none cared, I guess its regular here. Apparently Tandoori Chicken was the best food item and they both eat every single बोटी on the poor animal's little bones. I wonder if it was a मुर्गा or a मुर्गी, does it matter? Is the taste gender specific?

The dinner was followed by a walk and 'orange sharbet' at a shop close by.

Do read about La Bella, the other popular non-vegetarian food hub of Ahmedabad.


  1. Oh man!!! Nothing....absolutely nothing like Khamasa.....You just revived the memories :)

  2. I am glad I could help you revive some nice Ahmedabad memories :)

  3. Bhathiyar Gali is also one of the famous non-veg food joint... I know this 'coz I too stay surrounded by non-veggie's inspite of being a pure veggie and unlike you I don't think of turning into a non-veggie to fulfill the primal desires of tasting the poor animals...!!

  4. @ ashish: thanks for sharing the name of bhatiyar gali, bhavin was trying to remember this yesterday.

    i know u have a strong belief in non-violence and your religion won't ever permit killing animals for food. but for me its different. vegetarianism is a way of life for me, but not necessarily the only and the correct way. i have no motivation to change my path, but who knows whats in store for me in future.

  5. Farooq Fry Centre? is it?
    I never noticed the name! Actually i didnt know each gaddi had different name! But I guess you can order anything from any gaddi, and they share the money among themselves.I wish u had camera with you!
    Next time...

  6. :) i loved the post.
    and bhavin i miss it soooo much :( nothing like it.

  7. i've had similar experiences.. of accompanying my friends, watching them relish all the flesh n bones, and sipping on my thumbs-up... i tried the egg biriyani once.. not bad.. heh

  8. @Sid: Well, for me it's not all about religion and sticking to it.... But don't feel like chopping off someone to satisfy some primal desires without any reasons.... try doing it with yourself first... if u succeed than proceed... :)

  9. Im missing that place so much!! I so want to go there... im making plans to come to a'bad and visit all good places of food.. from manik chowk to khamasa

  10. @bhavin: even i wish i had the camera with me, i had planned to take it with me but somehow forgot at the last minute.

    @muz: am glad u liked the post. we missed u a lot there :)

    @shivani: yes it happens often with me also, but i enjoy observing people eat. and maybe i can try some egg biryani next time i go there!

    @ashish: hmmm...i may or may not try, lets see how the future shapes up.

    @ptatima: come soon dear...we will all go together!


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