Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indra's luck...

I knocked on the door knowing fully well what to expect – a lonely, beautiful woman unsatisfied by her beloved.

‘What you doing here Neil? I thought you were on your way to Ambaji’, she asked, her steaming cup of chai evaporating the air and aura around her. I decided to ignore the not-so-concealed mock directed at my faith; I was a man on mission today and nothing was going to distract me from my new found purpose in life.

‘I am Indra and today am here to help you help me release my rasa, so as to help you feel complete and content in life’, I said this with all possible seriousness. Alley listened to me carefully, and offering me a cup of chai asked casually, ‘But I always thought you were Neil?’

‘Not today and certainly not for you’, said I. She was certainly amused now, and decided to play along, lightly pulling at the hair of my hand and looking oh-so-briefly into my eyes. ‘Hmmm…so what brings you here today Indra? I am sure there are lands parched elsewhere as well, and need more rains than my humble abode’, as she said this her hands curled seductively around the remote she had in her hand; the channels flicked at an uneven pace, and the sounds from serials intermixed with the squealing penguins from the more earthy channels. The message was confusing, yet the array of broken, mixing sound was surprisingly seductive.

Soon we were on her bed, our clothes on the floor and all our rasas flowing, inside and outside. Alley's hands turned into claws and she drew blood with them, while her teeth left a trail of marks on my muscles. I was a feast for her, and she was making sure she left nothing to be had later.


Gautam was humming to himself as he walked up the steps to his house. It was for the first time he actually walked up instead of taking the stairs, as Alley always demanded. He was happy as his weight had shown a reduction of 2 kg over the last three weeks. Just 15 more kgs and he would be a perfect husband. He knew she would be pleased today and might even allow him some bread for dinner. 

There was much in life that Gautama was unaware of, including the fact that he had special powers that could wreck havoc in the materialistic world around him. He didn't yet know that his curse could castrate a man, remove his phallus and cover his body with a thousand vaginas. All he had to do was say - your body will be covered by that which you desired so much!


Gautam's first reaction when he saw his beloved Alley entwined with what looked like a bundle of injured muscles, was horror. He was afraid for the man, who he thought was being eaten alive by his virtuous wife. He screamed and suddenly the world around him started moving in slow motion, and he alone moved in real time. He realised what was going on and had a tremendous urge to do something.

He looked at the sky, but his view was obscured by the ceiling. While everything was still slow, he went out in the air and got instant karma. This was the moment his cursing abilities were revealed to him!


The last thing I heard was Alley's fat husband screaming 'Your body will be covered by that which you desired so much!' All of a sudden, I ceased to exist, my existence only a joke...

Meanwhile Alley fell on Gautam's feet and begged forgiveness which he instantly granted. It took only one look at my thousand-vagina-covered body to make her realise that a fat husband was better than the unusual and helpless mass that I was at that moment. They walked away from my quivering body, while the TV in the living room screamed 'You have to try this' for a shampoo ad...

Alley and Gautam lived happily ever after.


  1. I didn't get what happened to Indra, otherwise the story was quite nice. I liked it, especially the starting of it. :)

  2. hahahaha....
    sorry m not sure if i was supposed to find this funny or not...
    where do u get the inspiration from sid?

  3. @Nethra: What happened to Indra was quite sad...but not completely irreversible. Though I am glad you liked the story :)

    @Bhavin: I am glad you saw the humour in the story, despite the agony of Indra :) The inspiration is from fact its a complete lift from there :)

  4. what puranas. you've been smoking up for sure :D

  5. Passionate, dark...the emotions vividly described.

    Wish you hadn't given away Gautam's "secret powers" in the earlier paragraph.

    The end would have been even more startling.

  6. Thats a great idea Purba, just that while imagining the story I was seeing it in a monotone...didn't even think about building up a tempo towards the end!

    p.s. and its sad...all the previous comments deleted!

  7. nice structure.

    you might find this particular piece of some old writing of mine interesting:

  8. nice felt like i was reading mythology. because today...nobody begs for forgiveness and nobody forgives...only in mythology...they would be forgiven and conditions that apply of course....

  9. @Avinash: Thanks a lot man :)

    @HijiBijBij: This story is more mythology than modern. Indian mythological stories are fantastic inspirations :)

  10. Ok i am so sorry but i did laugh...actually a lot...ENTWINED WITH WHAT LOOK LIKE AN INJURED MUSCLE??HAAAAAAAAAAH
    So the woman goes back to her husband after quenching her thirst using INDRA..Poor Indra. But he did manage to fulfill his raasaa too

    I liked the ending!

    Btw want u to read this post of mine whenever u get time.

  11. nd nothing before your awesome people clicks...i tuk these last yr...simple camera though.

  12. I am really glad that you laughed, this is meant to be funny (a rare genre for me), though a little in a dark way...

    I am really glad you enjoyed it Red Headed :)


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