Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dirty Picture - a review

The following is the review for the movie 'The Dirty Picture' which is winning hearts all over. Muzayun used to write on her blog, but had to shut it down due to some caustic elements. She would be publishing articles through this space, however, all views expressed here are her own. Its highly unlikely that they reflect my views as well, we've always been on opposite poles when it comes to thoughts!


Frankly what was dirty about the picture, it wasn't Silk or any other thing in the movie, it was a dirty job done by its thinkers.

The movie had a subject line depicting life of a lady who dared to be fearless. It is badly shot, disappointing directed and leaves you with disgust, not about the story, Silk’s actions, or the casting rather on the team’s incapability to make anything remarkable. This film is far from perfect, but the producers will have nothing to worry as they seem to earning enough. 

Silk was in a way living her life according to her terms. A tale deserved an art-movie treatment, but Ekta Kapoor only wanted to make money out of some little known facts from her teen days. There is little attempt, basically, no attempt to treat this material with sensitivity and depth. A bold, beautiful and arrogant woman was definitely an avant-garde of that time, I didn’t see her doing anything more than the present day actresses do. The difference is in the curvaceous Indian woman as Silk against the slim and copy-western-model theme of the present. She is out there and proud in her skin, men of her time could not bear the crudeness in her character, and this film could just unfold it as a series of provocative scenes strung together for Indian men, on the strength of some sexually loaded dialogues. 

Abraham’s detest for Silk also seemed to be misplaced, and so does his sudden change of heart and yet he has the most interesting dynamics to create a flow. Alas, it’s too little too late, to give some character to this trailing job. The dirty picture fails to do justice to an otherwise stunningly dirty life of Silk. I am sure Silk did not die in a red ‘K series’ sari, with a desire to be married, she was way beyond that typical notion of women’s internal desires.  

As one of my friend who gave me a company to watch this says, ‘we saw some soft corn of 80s’.


  1. Some say watching DP is equivalent to watching soft porn, while some fell head down for it. Such diverse views. Haven't watched it yet, hence got nothing to add. :/

  2. I saw it yesterday and I agree it's short and poorly directed. The only take away was - Success should not go into your heads. Apart from that I goggled to know more about SS later.

  3. Never seen the pic... suddenly, I don't regret this fact. :-)

  4. LOL! The last line was the cherry on the cake :P

    well anyway. I wont watch the movie cz..
    1. I am highly critical of movies and dont watch them unless I have to.
    2. All the promotion they did made it just plain sad.
    3. Its ekta kapoor!

    what did u expect, duh! :P

  5. Thank you Sid for posting this on your blog.
    I completely agree with 'Express' on what else do one expect.

  6. The movie, in simple words is plain Ekta Kapoor version of Silk which is far from her true lifestyle.
    The grace which the beautiful actress carried is conveniently disguised in vulgarity which leads to a lot of people relating it to soft porn.

    The movie was anything but perfect and went falling down the cliff of my expectations.
    I like the review for I felt the same the minute I walked out of the movie theatre:)

  7. There was an attempt to do something different. I can't say its totally shallow
    Regardin soft porn, I think he might have taken it through a different school of thought

  8. Hi Priyanka,
    Seems like we almost felt the same emotions while watching this movie...

    Hi Jon,
    This is 'M' writing...
    I did not really understand; different in what genre? Yes, definitely as you say, there was a lot of depth in the movie's subject. But IMO, it is not there in its screening or direction. Vidya and other casts have tried to really do their best, though there is more to their potential which is lost here.
    As far as the movie goes, generally we have a tendency to be okay with whatever we get to see.

  9. :O I actually liked the movie...

    Why you no posting Sid?

  10. Yes this movie was far from reality.Vijaylakshmi a.k.a Silk Smitha was rude,blunt and very strong headed women.There was a particular incident where Shivaji Ganeshan entered studio and as mark of respect all ppl present there got up from their seats and greeted him but silk who was seated with her unique style of crossed legs totally ignored him.She later said that she was no less than legendary actor!!!

    Strangely makers of dirty picture chose to ignore dark underbelly of tamil cinema which produced soft porns.Silk was symbol of dirty mind of men.All that so called gentlemen who wanted sati savitri as wife but secretly wished for "BAD WOMEN" like silk.

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