Sunday, August 9, 2009


Its odd when you decide that you should write a post at 3:30 in the morning, especially when you have no clue what would the post be about.

Its a dark room and the light is coming only from my laptop screen. I can see the curtains on the open door glide seductively, revealing the world outside, still keeping its secrets intact. I can see the sky, the ponto and its reflection, the moon (occasionally) and the white wall of the house in the front. All of these mean nothing and on second thoughts everything. The sky is sky, the ponto is Rome, moon is Muzayun and the white wall is white because there is moon. There can be numerous other meanings, some more interesting than these, some less.

Looking around I can also see a sleeping lamp, a basket with dirty clothes, a half-empty suitcase, a mirror reflecting nothing... There can be meaning to all of these. Mind is capable of giving meanings and making connections with inanimate things. And these remain with us for a long time to come, some remain forever. Some torment us, but we still can't give them up.

I see the keypad, recently cleaned by someone very dear. The recollection makes me touch the keys more softly than ever, to see its whiteness even in the dark, to enjoy typing. I see darkness in some corners of the room, places I am learning to ignore.

I heard the bell ring a while back, ignored that as well. Who could it be at this hour?

The night is never long enough, a couple of hours more and there would be light outside. I will see the birds, the sun, neighbours, dogs and make even more connections.


  1. dinbhar soyega to aisahi hoga...
    (When I try to connect to your meaning of moon, I feel moon should be black!!!)

  2. a black moon? hahahaha...

    that's a new thought :)

  3. Hey....this comment is not really related to any of the posts, but I just happened to visit your blogpage today. Am used it reading it from google reader where it's just text. I really like your "lost and found" pic. Nice composition....keep going

  4. thanks sunil :)

    i wonder why u not writing often now...

  5. and this is a picture taken by muzayun years ago in no credit to me for the composition :)

  6. yea..connections are inevitable--we can never stop making them! :)

    maybe that is life's way of forming a 'pattern'

  7. hehe...k
    Reason 1. No internet at home (yet)
    2. Mind is too preoccupied during office hours

    I hope atleast no.1 gets resolved soon :)

  8. thn wht?? or shud i make my own assumptions!!;)

  9. i could relate to the writing. the meanings which i make in my way.


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