Saturday, August 8, 2009


Its a nice and cool morning in Ahmedabad. The fact that its a weekend only adds to my delight...

Started the day with almost no plans, but now interesting thoughts are coming into my head. Something that I always wanted to do, but didn't just feel the time was right. But then the time is never right, and I may just die one day with these thoughts in my head.

Today is a day dedicated to writing; I am not sure what would I call these - random, broken memoirs, maybe? I should have written these down a while back, the memories have already been adulterated by so many events after them, things much more dominant and much less in my control.

This post is also odd, like an extended version of your status on Facebook or Twitter. Oddly enough, though both of these look superfluous, when one dwelves deeper into them, they reveal so much about a person. People say things which they would never say otherwise. And try going through your own older posts, it would reveal something new about you as well. You would be surprised with some very personal, raw emotions...


  1. heheh, very true sid, people mostly dnt realise or accept why they wrote those status lines, but they say a lot.... no matter how small these status lines are, like those on gmail chat profile!!!
    e.g. u had once, 19:50
    and no matter how irrelevant they sound, the fact that u like them to be ur status line itself says a lot!!!
    waiting to see ur today's write-up.

  2. yes i do remember 19:50 :)

    i tried writing today, but its only self-destructive. i think i would rather read than attempt writing again for a while. i was hoping to re-live some happy moments, but i find these happy moments rather elusive....

  3. Undoubtedly true....Keep writing....All the best :)Will keep visiting u r place....:)

  4. @neeru: thanks a lot for ur wishes, i really need some right now ;)

  5. ya, i seem to know whr d inspiration of writin dis 1 came frm! agreed v let status updates flow in d cyber space thinkin no one will care to decipher dem!:)

  6. @dang: do let me know ur guess on my source of inspiration :)

  7. @dang: mereko bhi batao... just for crosschecking.. ;)

  8. everyone speculating! i also want some gyaan on this :)

  9. @sid n bhavin: I m fully enjoyin all d attn!! Keep speculating!! ;)


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