Tuesday, August 11, 2009

not my views...

It was introduction time in office today and we were finally introduced to a genuinely warm Alex who would now work in our Studio.

Few interesting things from the discussion that ensued...

Ross Lovegrove
Tynant Water
Maletti - spa
Conran & Partners

Plain, Simple and Useful

"You don't design a mobile phone which looks like a Jellyfish for for Motorola"

Obvious ID observations - what are these? They are so obvious that they can easily be missed at times.

Neat and Crisp products have a business like feel to them, no nonsense products.

Designer led design
Brand led design
Concise direction for design works well at times...

Focusing intense energy on a project leads to great results...

And this is a sketch I made during this very long meeting :)


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