Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sid the cook!

The first time I remember doing anything on the cooking gas was frying blood-filled over-bloated ticks (from my dog Pluto in Nanpara) with a neighbourhood friend. It was a messy affair and resulted in some good beatings from amma. However, my efforts after that have been a little less disastrous!

Recently we got a gas connection at home and I am trying to hone my cooking skills once again. My list of recipes is limited so most weekends some of my friends from NID come over and cook and I observe or help in cooking. Its a process that I am surprisingly enjoying a lot now. Most of the times I cook only for myself, but even that is not a deterrent. Lets see how this journey goes...the start looks promising!

Today's menu - Pasta (well its just a ready to mix Sunfeast one) and Suji Halwa (because I am really in mood for something sweet).


  1. The Suji Halwa was yum btw thanks!! don't know bout d pasta though.... U r a Good cook already!! :) Din gt d ticks part though.... cant believe u actually did tht!

  2. thanks a lot dang...but as a cook i still have a long way to go :)


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