Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Bai Clan (TBC)

This is how the family history/ tree goes/ grows.

There is Bhaben. We have no clue why she is called that, apparently we (i.e. Bhavin and me) are the only ones who call her that. Bhaben has a daughter Hetal (pronounced Hettal), who works in the house downstairs (and at times at our place as well). Hettal is good decent girl and works well. Bhaben also has a competitor, known as Ramilaben 2 (the original Ramilaben gives food dabba for dinner). Ramilaben is afraid of Bhaben but has a mobile and so is reachable most of the time. So she is our 'Pasand No. 1'! Now, Ramilaben 2 has many kids and we are still rather unsure of the exact numbers. We at least know of three - two daughters and a son. The elder daughter is Sheetal (or Sittal, as she calls herself) and the younger one is Rekha (or Rekkhha).

Sittal is a warm girl and thinks of every girl who visits us as our spouses! I find this exceptionally funny. And she also has some weird characteristics which are a little difficult to describe here. Her sister Rekkhha is quite and extremely quick with work. In fact, they are all very quick.

We always knew they all these women (and some men) were related, but the connections were often vague in our heads. Here is how it works. Hettal is Sittal's mausi and hence Ramilaben 2 is Hettal's cousin. Sittal and Rekkhha still remain sisters, but Ramilaben becomes Bhaben's niece (or something on those lines). And obviously Hettal is still Bhaben's daughter.

More updates in TBC as and when we learn something new about the Clan.


  1. unlikely...unless bhavin has some plans :)

  2. yes man, they are all very very quick with almost everything... finishing soap, clothes clips and sometimes clothes themselves!!!
    BTW r u sure Sittal and Rekha are sisters? the are so different! I feel Sittal and Hettal must be sisters...

  3. well bhavin...i am quite unsure of anything when it comes to this clan :) but yes i was told once that ramilaben 2 and hettal are cousins! and that's how this tree developed...

  4. Finally d beloved bais on d blog!!!!! ;)

  5. @Nidhi: 'Its me'?
    u mean the baai?
    @sid: yes, but they always choose to come later!!! ;)

  6. so u seem to be really facinated with all u'r BAIS....u make them sound like some very confused, funny yet intresting characters...

  7. yes suchi they are these and much much more :)


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