Monday, October 12, 2009

I am happy

It was cool and it was dark.
After a long tiring day,
It was time to enjoy the walk, the sea, the breeze.
The sea hitting dark rocks, and a lot of happiness around me.
And I was happy too, and almost content...

The wine finished slowly,
I saw the sun set and darkness set in.
The salty sea breeze, keeping me awake for a long night ahead,
I could hear stories, and I could even see some of them.

The walk to the cafe, the numerous coffees to keep myself awake,
With a pen constantly filling pages and a companion almost sleeping,
I was happy, and I was content.
Not thinking about the next day, I wished the night to just go on.

The nap in the park bench, the long walk back to where we started,
Getting lost again and again and still finding our way,
Reaching hours in advance,
And again sitting again with a sleepy companion.
I looked at her and yes I was happy,
There was nothing like being that moment.
Sitting on the floor, quietly leaning against the wall,
Watching the world pass by, while I waited for the sun to finally rise.


  1. I really like whatever you have written but I have some questions, Shall I ? which place was it, where you able to get See+ park + wine +Coffee? and who is other person in "We" in the sentence "the long walk back to where "we" started"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Have you both decided on topic and then wrote something ? I am surprised exact date ... exact time MY GOD!!

  4. You are absolutely right Kiran, we did decide and wrote on the same topic together!

    We were both happy at the same point of time :)


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