Thursday, October 22, 2009

Xie Caiping

Xie Caiping is known as "mama san" of one of Chongqing's notorious triads. Xie is accused of operating gambling dens, drug trafficking, giving and collecting bribes and terrorizing people, including policemen who had tried to investigate her illicit activities.

In Chongqing, police operations started in June, leading to the arrest of over 4,800 suspected gangsters and the confiscation of 1,700 illegal firearms. Investigations led to many city officials, including police officers. They include Wen Qiang, Xie Caiping's brother-in-law, who is now accused of colluding with gangsters. Xie Caiping's profanity-laced testimony drew a rebuke from the judge last week, but delighted the public, which reveled in tales in the local media that she kept 16 lovers.

Chongqing became the world's largest city in 1997 when the central government, by administrative edict, incorporated a huge area adjacent to the city into what is now the Chongqing municipality.

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  1. i think nayi dilli should be up next on their agenda....earlier the DD newsreader would say "Temperatures in the 4 metropolitan cities of Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras" I guess that leaves just Delhi

  2. i guess u mean it for the other post. but yes, who knows maybe next is dilli. though its much more likely that they will rename it 'indraprastha' rather than dilli.


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