Thursday, September 9, 2010


Fly. I believe I can fly. Well, this sounds cliché.

Fly is the phone brand I previously owned. And I enjoyed using it thoroughly, for whatever time we spent together. It's still with me, and every time I look at it, it asks me a BIG why? I believe it asks me the reason for my sudden shift of loyalties to Samsung. I do not have the heart to tell my fly that it had stopped satisfying my needs a while back and hence the replacement. And so I just look at it mournfully, while its questions remain unanswered.

I saw a Fly phone for the first time a long long time back with Muzayun in Bangalore. It was the apple of her eye, while I always thought it was odd. I remember once I tried using to take pictures at the Leela Palace, and the results were less than satisfactory. In fact I couldn't use it at all without a stylus, it wasn't meant for my fat fingers I guess. But there was nothing I liked about the phone, even the color black was not a savior. But somehow Muzayun was absolutely convinced that hers was the best phone (despite the INR 14,000 price tag)! And despite the fact that she was working for Nokia then and her brand loyalties were completely wedged with a sword. It was an absolutely hilarious Nokia Vs Fly tie, we all enjoyed it back then.

I surprised myself when I bought a Fly last year, this was necessary as my happening Motorola couldn't survive the Italy trip. And I flew with the Fly, it was absolutely cheap and worked amazingly well. However, after our short fling, it met with a mini accident and stopped performing well enough. I kept using it for a while still, refusing to give it up though I knew we were not meant for each other anymore. Weirdly the moment I had another opportunity to shift back to a touch phone, I dumped my dear old Fly (I already had a long association with the brand) and shifted loyalties!

Muzayun still lives with her Fly (2008 onwards, if I am not wrong). But the Fly is dying and needs help. My initial thought was to set up a fund in its name, The Dying Mobile Fund for Muzayun's Fly (TDMFMF), but dropped the idea considering the complicated name and un-kararjohar like acronym appeal. The time is now running out fast. My sincere request to all is to contribute directly to this dying phone to keep it alive on life support. Science and Technology are yet to advance to a level where this dear old fly can be given a new lease of life. We can hope for a miracle. Or a replacement.



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