Monday, September 13, 2010

Modi Brigade

Modi here refers to Mr. Narendra Modi, our esteemed Chief Minister!

This is a suggestion from someone I met a few days back and someone who is visibly worried and agitated with the state of corruption and apathy in Gujarat, especially amongst government officials. The idea calls for the creation of a brigade of upright officials drawn from different spheres of life, and would aptly be called Modi Brigade.

The Brigade would always be on the move, in plain clothes but with a NYPD kind of badge which can be smartly displayed whenever needed. The badge would also make the Brigade very cool and create a sense of fear amongst the fearlessly corrupt. The brigade would carry out a host of activities, not excluding Sting Operations on suspected corrupt officials and non-deadly encounters as and when needed. People would have access to points where they can discreetly pass on information to these officials and then they would take prompt action on them.

The most important factor that will make this Brigade tick would the un-corruptible army of officers and of course its name, drawn from someone who is respectfully feared not just in Gujarat but outside. Their success would also be due to the element of surprise in their attacks/ or encounters. And no one would be above them, except Mr. Modi himself.

Welcome the Brigade. You may not even know, but they may already be there, watching us and looking for just the right moment to attack.


  1. interesting! I really like the idea. Hope this comes into effect soon. I like the badge, wish I could also flash something like that and say Divya dave, NYPD....:)

  2. Well, still Gujarat is below par in corruption compared to other states. Everywhere and everyone needs to bring an end to the corruption, but it's just so called...

  3. yes i also agree that gujarat is way better than many other places. but i guess we should all strive for even better and corruption-free governance. maybe even a model which others can follow.

    by the way, the views expressed here are not mine, i am simply conveying the sentiments and solutions of someone much older and with much varied experiences...


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