Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I almost died, but was saved by the phone call!

I am not convinced that I shall not die today, at least not so early. As per Muzayun, I will die earlier than her. But then she is likely to live for many many years. The oil from the Kashmiri walnuts apparently ensure a long life, plus the years of all the animals that you eat also get added to your life. But, of course, if you live in Kashmir things change. Bullets often negate any positive impact of the local walnuts, something seen repeatedly in the past three months.

Coming back to my original conviction of dying today, well, it was based on some solid foundation. I had body ache and I missed both the major meals today. Plus I slept like a log in the evening, completely unconvinced that I shall wake up ever again. Or maybe I was dreaming of that. My phone spoiled my fantastic imagination, which in itself was a very vivid visualization of my own death. It was heartbreaking and even I was moved by it.

I found it cruel to be told on the phone that I won't be dying today, what about all the tears that I shed for my death? It was also suggested that I should postpone it to a later date when it's more convenient for my near and dear ones to come and talk about my apparent greatness, perhaps a weekend towards the end of this month. Isn't is preposterous to insist that a dying man die at a later date? I was highly offended and sulked for a while.

But eventually I did agree to the weird demand, and so I am not dying tonight. The dying symptoms continue, but death has been sent to the gallows, at least for now.


  1. ohh, is that why u didnt soak ur clothes for washing yesternight? thinking that u will not need them again?
    and u see, how important it is to pick the phone! for both lives on two ends of phone! ;)

  2. hahahahaha...yes :)

    and yes i will try not miss more calls in future :)

  3. Sid, procure all the post-death materials that are required so that others don't have to take much pain... :)


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