Wednesday, March 16, 2011

magnolia woman


Woman, oh my wonderful Magnolia woman,
see how you make me cry.
As I lie on your feet,
waiting for you reply.

I long for the kick,
as much as I long for your lick.
I long for your caress,
all the slaps you gave me under duress.

I lay helpless even now,
Shapeless, spineless, ready to be molded like a lump of clay.
Give me a form again,
Let me be something again, let me play.

But I know you are gone forever,
never will I hear from you again.
I shall remain as I am today,
A dead vegetable, a helpless swain.


  1. Thats a very very good poem. I am nt good in being a literary critic...but loved the clay part

  2. A kid once asked his Mum - Maa is our heart filled with water? Then why do we cry when our heart breaks.

  3. Perhaps you don't deserve the wonderful magnolia woman...why would she settle for a lump of clay at her feet?

    For every heroine wants a hero , not a slave..

  4. Liked the Poetry, but more i liked what gymnast said.

  5. "I lay helpless even now,
    Shapeless, spineless, ready to be molded like a lump of clay.
    Give me a form again,
    Let me be something again, let me play."

    loved it...........

  6. @Jon: Thanks a lot, clay is integral to the poem...

    @Purba: smiling to it :)

    @Gymnast: Maybe 'he' doens't deserve a woman, not 'me' :)

    Everyone heroine certainly wants a hero, though am not sure if every woman is a heroine, and certainly not every man a hero. 'Magnolia' could be an 'old' woman, in love with a young guy who is madly infatuated with her...

    life often sucks, and most often we are just a bunch of desperate people...doing our best to win hearts, people and so on; often doing things for love which would otherwise be unthinkable. Rejection often makes us do unusual things...

    @Nishtha: Thanks da :)

    @Angie: Thanks a ton :)

  7. @ Siddharth..

    Hmm...i dont know. I often think that every poet puts a little bit of himself in his poetry...which is why i said "you".

    And come on , life often sucks , yes..but that need not make us a bunch of desperate people..

    And everybody is a heroine in her own right!

  8. I have much less lofty ideas about humans...and there are all sorts of them. I may be a certain type of guy, but there are many many more types too. More than I can ever know...

    Some things (real or imaginary) resonate with me, and sometimes I write about them. Of course there is a little bit of me in all that I write, if not always in content, then certainly in the style...

  9. dear brother joshi,

    I am like you are and there is a little bit of me in there.
    That is a wonderful poem.
    I hope I never become so sure of myself as some are, and if I become that way, may I die a painful and slow death to remind me what love is.

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  10. Thanks rivercat! I really appreciate your comment. Your words are deep and moving..its like you have commented with a small little poem of yourself...

  11. good dedication to the women of your world....

  12. Women like guys who are always ready to do anything they want but being too submissive is a turn off too.

  13. @Deguide: Thanks, but thankfully its not my life :)

    @Nethra: I agree, and maybe that's why he was left. Or maybe he became like this, because he was left alone. Maybe she died...and he could never cope...

  14. beautifully carved is the image of Magnolia woman and the poor guy helplessly in love.
    loved ur phrases
    u write very well
    i can see the bottom of ur imagination

  15. The idea of spineless, formless, clay because a women love was not meant to be his!! well.. i agree with you it does sound like an immature young man infatuated with an older women :-D

  16. Magnolia woman..interesting term.
    a woman from Magnolia or just a character emanating exquisite fragrance like the species or a timid evocation of sweetness/beauty/love..
    the flower pic does give an idea..not bad! :)

  17. Good poem .. very xpressive :)

  18. @Nandita: Thanks a lot, you are generous with your compliments :)

    @Mayank: Quite likely, or someone left to fend for himself after the woman he loved left him and he kind of lost the purpose of his life...

    @Bhavin: Hmmm...

    @rahul: She can be from Magnolia (if this is what you meant), that also makes it more exotic :) I love the flower image, do see the work of the photographer...he takes x-ray images of flowers etc...

    @Madhumati: Thanks a lot :)

  19. Very touching and emotional poem; Poetry is such a tough task and you do it with so much of ease.. Wonderful bro!!

  20. @Prashant: Thank you so much man, though I really do not think I am much of a poet. I have a long way to go...

    @daniel: Thanks a lot :)


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