Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To my death...

I sit and I cry,
till the tears stop falling and the ones on me are dry.
I close my eyes and fall into the soothing dark,
yet struggle with it when my senses are back.
Its the only friend I ever had, my only confidant,
yet I am scared to confess my sins anymore,
despite the closeness, we have grown too distant.

I still feed myself to you, hoping to be consumed like this,
the darkness, however, only grows even more.
What ecstasy the end would bring me!
but the road to my destruction is hard, so long.

I walk still, into the smoke, into further darkness.
As the black engulfs me with its tight arms, I finally let go.
I have reached my end, with even nothing to give me solace,
with my eyes closed, I stop breathing, and we finally become one.


  1. It is the attachments that hold us back. Once you accept the inevitability of death you are free to live.

  2. Deep and perfectly written. Like Purba said its the attachments thts holds us back.

    U hav earned a follower

  3. @Purba: Completely agree with you, however detachment isn't easy too...

    @Red Handed: Thanks a lot man :)

  4. very deep....
    rally well written....

  5. agree with purba. also agree with you. its the indecison that holds us back and its the indecision that holds us forth.
    beautiful read:)

  6. @mashhood: Thank you :)

    @4thosewhoicare: Thanks for the comment, its good to see that you even read the comments :)

  7. The frame holds in the first line - "I sit and I cry". That is a beautiful start you have given to this poem which stirs in me that expression of dying.
    I felt like I am reading about myself. Dying. There is some strangeness to it. I can write in wholesome junks on what dying means to me and you have done it beautifully here in few lines.
    Many congratulations.
    And thank you so much for sharing such beautiful emotions.

    1. Thanks a lot 'White'...your words are beautiful :) Its a good feeling when someone connects with your words..


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