Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy couple, eh!

The day has already started and I am already in office and already developing the concept shortlisted yesterday. But no, the post is not as lame as the first line here.

Its not common for me to come alone to office at this time, but today I did. And as I enjoyed the tea-sutta at the little tea stall, I saw something which made me happy and I actually smile on my own :)

There was terrific early morning light on Vikram (chai wala kid) and I was already missing my camera. While I attempted (quite unsuccessfully) to make rings of smoke, a middle aged couple came on their Kinetic Honda and asked for chai. Nothing usual about it I guess, but there was this intense chemistry between them as they waited for the tea, and I could feel the romance still alive between them. The guy actually took his clean white handkerchief and cleaned the glasses before Vikram could pour chai in them. I was elated!

We've (me, friends) been discussing how so many married couples we know do not look happy in each other's company and how life becomes mumdane and boring within an year of getting married. This couple kind of broke the perception; perhaps such love is much rarer, but it does exist :)

p.s. these two might not be a couple, and might just be out for tea after their first one-night-stand! In any case, I was happy to see them happy :)


  1. Heh true! Ppl who are content and comfortable with thr spouse are hard to find. And keeping the romance burning even after yrs f marriage...Beautiful.

  2. Yes.. some times others smiles and happiness are infectious..
    nice read..!

  3. "The guy actually took his clean white handkerchief and cleaned the glasses before Vikram could pour chai in them" does this signify that they are happy?

    interesting read!

  4. @RedHanded: I think its a Utopian dream...but then there are some couples who look so happy in each other's company years after marriage!

    @KP: Yes they are :)

    @Stuti: Happy, I am not sure. But cleaning a glass at chai-tapri is something a guy would never ever do for himself, I have not even seen a guy doing it for his girl friend. So it was really nice to see this guy doing it (or maybe the woman was just fussy), even the chai wala looked at him amused :)

  5. nice read....the roadside tea shop had always been my would know why? you have already read in my blog....

    nice read! :)

  6. Hey Shruti, I agree these tea stalls are always a great place :)

    Btw where have you disappeared? Too busy with work?

  7. agreed have been away a bit...just work... :)

    waiting for yet another mesmerising fiction from you!

  8. Awwww. I wish they always remain so. Happiness.

    "But no, the post is not as lame as the first line here." - I laughed at this line. :-)

  9. @Shruti: :)

    @Zeba: I hope so too! I can laugh at you laughing at the line...but I can easily get terribly lame :)

  10. It's lovely to witness such romantic moments. Thanks for the smile on my face right now:)

  11. May be you smile often and be the source of other's smile too.
    Chemistry is always innate, just depends when you see it.

  12. @Saru: I am really glad that the post could bring a smile on your face :)

    @Live2cherish: true, I agree with you...

  13. hmmm idk...I don't believe such happiness exists in love. Relationships & marriages become a routine after that spark dies. I guess you get accustom to a person and it becomes more comfort than love. I need constant excitement so traditional relationships are not for me. Or maybe I just haven't found the right person...

  14. Indeed! Many times you feel so beautiful inside on seeing old/middle-aged couples of the kind. I totally believe you find joy when you find true love.
    :) This post made smile.

  15. I was all high after photographs today :D this was a good read....

    I would like a sutta please...*though I do not smoke, but I like the feel of holding a ciggi*

  16. People-watching - gives you so much material as a writer:)
    And it's sweet what the guy did, it's hard to find one who does that, whether the woman is fussy or not:)

  17. @JV: I guess I agree with you on this, love turns into comfort and that's where the danger lies. Humans need excitement as well, and hence often end up doing things they never originally intended to...

    @Crystal: Nice to know that it made you smile, they made me smile as well :)

    @Chintan: I am glad you liked the pics (of course I am assuming you talking about the pics on my blog) :)

    I understand the feeling of holding a ciggi and not actually smoking it...beware! even that can be addictive!

    @PeeVee: I guess I agree, it gives me so much material for writing (as well as photography) :)

    Btw I also make a living out of it, at least partially, by designing products via people watching :)

    Crystal: Haha...I just saw :) Thank you!

  18. so, this post was published at 7:40am? really?! :o

    but anyway. My parents have a romance this intense yes. They obviously get into a fight very often, but the way they look at each other is simply endearing! This after 27 years.. And considering that they knew each other for 4 days before they got married makes me believe that indeed marriages are made in heaven :)

  19. Yes it was, just after I came up to my office after the chai :) and no office isn't usually at such insane hours :)

    Great to know about your parents, they (and of course you) are damn lucky, though am sure it also requires some hard work to keep the spark alive...I wont be surprised if you too are a die-hard romantic :)

  20. It brings a smile on my face thinking how you make your little observations in day to day life to an interesting post:-) Nice amused me:)

    I truly adore the look of your page! So classy!

  21. @Phivos: Thank you :)

    @Nasnin: I am happy that you enjoyed these tiny little observations as well :)

    And I am super glad that you liked the look of the page, I guess simple often does look good :)

  22. simple moment captured well in this post..liked it

  23. No no, I am not! Nor are they! Atleast not in front of me, no :P

    I don't even believe in love. Funny neh? and no, not because of the my sad love life. It (love) just didn't seem reasonable to me. so well..


  24. @Express: Hmmm...I guess its better that they are not (at least in front of you), that might make things trickier :)

    You are really young and am sure the love life won't be sad for you soon :) Unless you turn into a non-believer like me :)

  25. I guess after a point, love gives way to comfort. And then tolerance...
    Marriage really scared me for this one reason. What if I fall out of love two years into my marriage? What will I do? What if the romance dies? WHat if the passion fizzles out? I guess that's a risk we'll have to take...

  26. @SpacemanSpiff: All of your concerns are valid...and even am convinced any of these things can and do happen. I guess generally people just compromise and live with it...

  27. Thank you for sharing, I like your blog and will return. Interesting reading..)

    Sending love and light, beauty and Joy.


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